10 things that’ve made me happy this week…



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1. A trip to London on Wednesday evening. The journey wasn’t the best (train was rammed with ┬ápeople coming home from Royal Ascot, so I stood shoulder to shoulder with men in top hats the entire way) and the weather was off the charts humid, but there’s something special about that city that beats all the rubbish stuff hands down. I want to start going up there more frequently, because month long stints between trips is just too long.

2. Fish tacos, made from this recipe. Delicious!

3. Watching Ted dunk his face over and over again in a bowl of water in the garden. He likes to blow bubbles from his nose under the water. I’m telling you, he’s a fish…

4. Keeping a tidy house. I’ve been trying so hard recently to be tidier (I am seriously so messy, it looks like a bomb’s gone off in every room I’ve been in) and it really is so nice to not live with horrendous clutter all the time. I even tidied up the tea towel cupboard, and though it’s probably the nerdiest thing to admit, it’s made me mega happy!

5. Painting my nails. I tried to give them a rest this week, but then Essie Fiji broke my resolve.

6. Jason’s thoughtfulness. Sometimes I marvel at how truly thoughtful and considerate he is. Way more than I am. I’m learning from him.

7. Popping into university to collect essay papers, and knowing I never have to do another class there again. It’s a good feeling :)

8. Reading Jessica’s beautiful blog. I want to live in her food-world.

9. Jason wearing his stubble longer these days. I’ve finally convinced him to keep it longer, and so my life is pretty much now complete! ;)

10. Making plans to see my cousins in a couple of week’s time! We’re going to be bbq-ing, drinking lots of Pimms, and I’ll trying out hairstyles on Emily for her wedding! It’ll basically be a re-run of the weekend we had a month or so ago, and I’m mega excited! :)

What’s made you happy this week?

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  • http://d-is-for.blogspot.co.uk Dannielle

    Sounds like a lovely week :)! Essie’s Fiji is such a gorgeous colour xx

    D Is For…

    • Rosie

      Isn’t it the best? I can’t stop wearing it! Just wish it lasted longer on my nails though!

  • http://thegrinninglabrador.com Lindley

    Keeping a tidy house makes such a difference!! I recently resolved to do the same thing and it’s the best feeling coming home to a clean place!

    Have such a good weekend!!!

    • Rosie

      It does make such a difference, doesn’t it? I need to go and tidy the kitchen right now actually…

  • http://itsamadsmadsworld.blogspot.ca Madeline

    I love this segment on your blog, so thoughtful and sweet and really appreciative of life.


    • Rosie

      Thanks so much Madeline :) I love writing these posts, they help me take note of the best moments of my week.

  • http://mrsbeeblogs.blogspot.com Helen

    I love this photo so much! I was looking through some of my old photos last night and got all nostalgic for my dancing days, so much love for those old pointe shoes… despite all the pain they caused.

    I was in London on Wednesday and there was a man on my train in a top hat, it’s just clicked that he must have been on his way to Ascot!

  • Minza

    Great blog!

    I am following you on bloglovin, follow me back!

    Rougeberry Fashion

  • http://gingerbreadjourney.blogspot.co.uk/ Emily

    Aww Rosie I think you sum up the “It is the little things in life” so well! Completely agree with the uni papers, it is just as good as leaving the library and knowing “Yessss I don’t have to come back here for a long, long time!”
    Enjoy the Pimms/BBQ with your cousin, definitely my ideal catch up too!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  • http://www.milkandcrown.com Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    this is such a great list! i have been letting the apartment get a little too messy for my liking and i’m vowing to fix that tomorrow haha. you have a beautiful blog and i’m so glad i found you :) have a beautiful weekend!


  • http://www.daisybutter.com Michelle

    Sounds like a lovely week, Rosie! I’m quite the opposite in regards to ‘London’ because I commute to work there everyday. I’ve recently loved taking weekend trips to smaller towns and cities which is so refreshing, there’s definitely something special about day trips somewhere new and exciting!

    On another note, I can’t believe I’ve never tried fish tacos! A quick scour of my food bookmarks (yep, that’s a thing!) tells me I have six recipes in there?! Slap. On the. Wrist. Hope you’re well lovely! x

  • http://holairela.com Irela

    I discovered Jessica’s blog about a week ago and I am hooked as well! Such beautiful photos and yummy recipes!

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