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Sally’s blog is just dreamy. It’s full of whimsical photographs and soulful writing, and is my favourite blog to read when I’m looking for a little escapism. She’s also got an absolute blinder of a wardrobe, and lilac in her hair. How much more amazing can you get? :)
Favourite post of the past month?…Around and About.

Made in Hunters
Ema’s lovely blog (recently redesigned, and looking oh so swish!) is a joy to read. It documents her life with her sweet man, and adorable dog named Grizzle. Is that not the best name for a dog you’ve ever come across? I love love love that she plays hide and seek with Grizzle- it’s just proof that we’re kindred spirits, she and I :)
Favourite post of the past month?…Today is.

Hola Irela
Irela’s blog is in its first year of life, and my GOODNESS is it beautiful. Her photography is just gorgeous (& inspiring!) and it really is one of those wonderful happy-making blogs that draws you back time and again. Irela’s just this month made the decision to go vegan, and I’m excited to follow her culinary journey through her sweet blog over the coming months :)
Favourite post of the past month?…Sunday picnic.

Tornow and Bing
Tornow’s blog is brand new, and totally unique. She writes interesting, engaging posts that centre around a current trend, icon or obsession, and she then goes on to suggest ways to translate that trend into home decor, food, and fashion. We also share a love for the ever-wonderful Sophie Dahl, which makes Miss Tornow a winner in my book! ;)
Favourite post of the past month?…Home decor: Sophie Dahl.

The Grinning Labrador
Lindley’s blog is quickly becoming one of my favourites to read. She writes about her life with her fiance and oh so handsome labrador, Morgan. That dog, he really is a looker! Lindley shares beautiful, candid snaps of her life in Boston with her two best boys, and makes me long for a visit to the U.S!
Favourite post of the past month?…Calling for summer.

Life Is Worth The Fight
Stacie’s zest for life, and the incredible way she deals with her illness and her wait for a new heart astounds me. Her blog doesn’t dwell on the challenges she faces, but instead is a fun mix of lifestyle posts and the odd beauty review or two as well. It’s just charming :)
Favourite post of the past month?…The wonderer returns.

Angel’s Corner
Fatzee’s blog is so, so lovely. She writes great reviews of beauty products, and has recently been sharing some gorgeous photos of her trip to Switzerland and Paris. Fatzee also just joined the Canon 600d club (high five!), and her photography seems to be getting more beautiful by the second! :)
Favourite post of the past month?…Swiss, Paris and me.

Love from Kelly
Kelly’s blog is a new one to me, and I’m so glad to have found it! It’s a lovely mixture of product reviews, lifestyle posts, and fitness updates. Her writing is great, her reviews are honest and informative, and she has the cutest little cats around! Oh, and she’s a fellow 30 Day Shred convert! That Jillian, she gets around doesn’t she? ;)
Favourite post of the past month?…Charlie and Violet’s brand new blanket.

And that’s the round up! What do you all have planned for the weekend? Jason and I are off to Ikea for the first time ever(!), and I’m super excited! We’re on the hunt for a day bed for our guest bedroom, and might just have to stop for a few meatballs too. Happy Friday, everyone!

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Jason took me out to the shops at half past 9 on Tuesday night to pick up doughnuts. That’s a good man, right there. He kind of had to give in to my polite requests (read: begging) to go on a doughnut run, because I’d found out earlier in the day that I’ll be graduating university with a 2:1! HOORAY!

I’d say a good 80% of my university experience was completely rubbish, but I’m loving this whole ongoing ‘I’m graduating uni’ celebratory thing like you wouldn’t believe! We went out for pizzas on the evening after my last exam, results day was a doughnut-o-rama, and you can bet we’ll be feating and celebrating on graduation day in a couple of weeks time too! Not sure I can milk it any longer than that, but three treat days is pretty good going right? ;)

When I found out my result, I called Jo to let her know my exciting news. The first thing she said when she answered the phone was ‘Oh my God! Are you pregnant?!’
She really wants to be an honorary Auntie already, and asks me if I’m pregnant yet almost every time we speak. (Oh, and I’m not, by the way. Jo continues to be disappointed.)


^That right there is a chocolate praline cake doughnut, with fresh coffee to go with it. Cake doughnut is my favourite. I love the stodge.^

In other news, this week I realised that I’ve been using my washing machine incorrectly for the past two years. Yup. I’ve been putting detergent in the wrong slot, so it hasn’t been cleaning clothes as well as it should have. Sigh. Is this not proof that I’m not ready to be a Mama anytime soon? ;)


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// I ate avocado toast for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago, and can now join the rest of the planet in agreeing that it’s totally delicious. Right// Pyjama pants and bright pink shoes. Toast

Left// Just those churros, again. Right// We found a new path through the woods that takes us under the tallest trees. Churros

Left// Those buttercups made me happy. Right// He gets muddy paws every.single.day.Meadow

Left// There’s hardly any space for Teddy to swim in the lake now, since it’s been completely taken over by lily pads. Right// She was an absolute sweetheart.Teddy-swimming

Left// I made coleslaw, and used my mandolin for the first time. I nearly shredded my fingers a few times, but it was weirdly satisfying being able to chop the carrot so uniformly. Is that weird? Right// That plant pot lasted about three minutes before he started to chew it up, and I took it away from him. Ted was not happy to give it up, I can tell you. Coleslaw

Left// Homemade pasta. Another minute or so of kneading, and that dough was ready. Right// Heaping bowlfuls of fresh tagliatelle with pesto and parmesan.Fresh-pasta

Left// Maybe my all-time favourite photo of Ted. He’s been obsessed with curtains ever since he was tiny. Right// Risotto with mushrooms and fresh (kind of homegrown!) thyme :)Mushroom-and-thyme-risotto

Left// I bought some peaches, and accidentally left them in my car for two days. It made them even riper and juicier than they were when I bought them. Right// This one tasted amazing smooshed onto toasted sourdough for breakfast. I’m all about fruit on toast at the moment. Can’t get enough.


Photos taken largely from my Instagram. I’m ‘ciderwithrosiebee’ on there, if you’d like to follow along :)


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Moment: Stormy skies.

The sky was so heavy it looked like it might burst when we went out walking on Sunday morning. It just about held off long enough for us to get home, and for Jason to mow the lawn. I’ve been hoping for a good storm for ages now, because the humidity last week was almost unbearable. Also, does this picture remind anyone else of Little House on the Prairie? I think I’d like to read those books again.


 Objects: New bowls.

Jase hates them. I adore them. What do you think? :)

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