Today is a good day.


teddy and i were up, out, and walking before the daisies woke up this morning. 
we had to be up early so that ted could have his morning walk before heading off to work with jason, and so that i could get to uni for my exam and last ever day as a student.
i didn’t expect finishing my degree to feel like such a big deal, but it really, really does. 
i didn’t expect today to feel like the first day of real life, after finally waving goodbye to education. it feels so good to know i’ll never tick the ‘student’ box on forms again, even though that does mean that it’s almost time to start repaying that pesky student loan.
driving home after my exam felt amazing. like vibrant colours, bright skies, birds singing kind of amazing. i’ve never felt such a strong, overwhelming sense of potential and possibility before in my whole life.
yep. today is a good day :)

p.s. photos taken this morning of breakfast (apple slices and nutella, new favourite) and on our walk.
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    Congratulations!!! This is so, so exciting and I hope you’ll keep us posted on post-uni life and career/projects take you! Bella xx

  • Lupus Heartbeat

    Congratulations! I’m finishing Uni this summer so it’s quite exciting! xx

  • AlisonH

    Congratulations on finishing your last day of Uni! That sounds so exciting!

  • Katie Hall

    Well done on finishing your last exam!!
    I remember when I finished my last exam – I got back to my student house and had to start to pack up my room. I picked up the revision notes from that mornings exam and burst into tears!! I was like all the stress and relief and everything just bubbled over!! After a little cry I cranked my ipod up and danced around my room like a crazy person :) Love your blog by the way x

  • VioletDaffodils

    wow! congratulations on having finished your last day of uni! :D
    such a cool thought that a new chapter of your life is beginning :D xx

  • Seph

    Congratulations! I found it such an odd feeling when it was over… where did the time even go?! Fingers crossed for the next chapter x

  • Gemma

    Congratulations. That is such an exciting stage so full of potential and so many possible paths to explore. I hope you continue to enjoy the feeling


  • Becca Louisa.

    Yay! Congratulations on your last day at uni! Here’s to your future! :) xx

  • Kirsty M

    Congratulations on your last day of uni! I remember that feeling well. I felt a little lost, initially, when I was no longer a student. But you’re so right to see this as a time of potential and possibility! Such a happy way of looking at it :) and you’re totally right! I hope the next chapter in your life is filled with as much happiness!xx

  • Alice

    HUGE congratulations! I remember feeling like there was this massive weight off my shoulders, it was such a good day- even if it was raining so much we all looked like we’d jumped in the river fully clothed in the pub that afternoon.

    And apple slices with nutella? WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS!? xx

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