The beginning of a long weekend at Mum’s…

teddy and i picked miss sophie up from the train station late on friday afternoon. i was so excited to see her, after she’d been away travelling round asia and australia for so many months. we all spent most of the weekend camped out in mum’s kitchen, with plenty of food, pimms, and endless hours of talking to catch up on the months we’ve spent apart. can’t think of a weekend i’ve enjoyed more in a long, long time.

below: we sat out in the garden to catch the last of the sunshine.

below: i love how expressive my mum is when she talks. i think here she was demonstrating ‘important shoulders’ :)

below: the ugliest, bobbliest strawberries. so different to the punnets of perfect ones we found at the garden centre!

below: ted found a football to play with in mum’s garden, but got disheartened when he couldn’t manage to fit it all in his mouth at once. look at that sulky face!
below: still in love with the blossom. these branches were particularly fine…

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  • Cath

    What a lovely post. I adore the blossom, and lovely family pics, and of course Teds sad little face. Minty feels the same about footballs…

  • Vanessa

    Sounds lovely :) I can really see the resemblance between you and your mum in the top photo :)

  • Tania

    The best kind of weekend! (Teddy looks so grown up in this picture!!) XO

  • Lupus Heartbeat

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend! xx

  • Simple Sophie

    these are my favourite kind of weekends, lovely photos, and you’ve made me want to whip out my pimms! ox

  • Hannah

    It looks like you had a truly lovely weekend  I’ve just come across your blog (linked from a post at Scaredtoast) and absolutely love it, look forward to reading much more! x

  • Dannielle

    Lovely post :)! I always love your photos, they’re always so gorgeous xx

    D Is For…

  • Sally Barton

    Such wonderful photos :) And feel a little sorry for the strawberries :( Food and Pimms sounds perfect! You’re friend is soo lucky! Wish to travel one day xxx

  • Nicole Marie

    ahh sitting outside there looks so nice!

  • Selene Over the Pond

    amazing day…lucky you!

  • Alice

    These are such lovely pictures- you must be so happy to have her back!! xx

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