Rosie 1, Jason 0

on friday evening, i finally managed to convince jase to sit down and watch the u.s office with me…
and guess what?… he loved it! 
jason always tuts at my television choices (i do watch a lot of rubbish) so i felt pretty smug watching him chuckle along to the office! we’ve watched a fair few episodes over the past couple of days (we’re team pam and jim, all the way), and it’s been awesome. i win at television, this week ;)

 i do so love that man, and those dark, sparkly eyes of his :)
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  • VioletDaffodils

    awww yous are so cute :D xx

  • Lupus Heartbeat

    You two are so adorable! xx

  • Rachael

    When I always want to watch my British shows on cable over here, my husband pulls his typical funny I don’t wanna watch that face, but while he’s on the computer he’s always looking over to the screen and knows perfectly well what is going on!

  • Amber Love

    This is adorable!! My boyfriend turns his nose up at what I watch but he can’t talk!! He watches girlier programmes than I do! x

  • Sarah

    Big love for this post! I recently got my boyfriend to watch adventure time with me and he could not stop laughing xxx

  • Paprika

    Awh this is so cute! I can never agree with my guy haha, we like exactly the opposite programmes!xx

  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    You two are so unbearably cute :) xx

  • becauseoflondon

    Boys :) Mine didn’t want to watch Prison Break with me. And guess what? We’ve watched it all. He also watched the whole of Sex and the City with me. But that’s a top secret :)

    By the way you two look adorable!

    P.S. To my surprise, underneath this post in the suggestion boxes I spotted Tom Morley who studies with this boy of mine I just talked about :) Small (blogging) world :)

    jana x

  • brooke field

    i love the office!

    ps: i’m hosting a giveaway on my blog —

  • Sallytangle

    LOVED this. So funny and sweet xxxx

  • Alice

    You two are so adorable. I think I need to go and find myself one of these. xx

  • Beth Ramsay

    xcskjfxnl you two are adorable! (and YES to U.S. Office, I’m constantly quoting Dwight Schrute hahahah)

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