Photos of the past week or so…


1/2: a healthy breakfast of peanut butter on linseed toast & a berry smoothie, and the prettiest cloudscape
3/4: ted fell in love with the world’s largest pine cone, and we found some blossom in the middle of the forest
5/6: new hair! and chocolate cupcakes
7/8: a banana and berry smoothie, and the first cup of tea of the day
9/10: i wore a dress for the first time this year, and ted looked unstoppably handsome yesterday afternoon :)
photos taken from my instagram. find me by searching ‘ciderwithrosiebee’! 
p.s. last night i discovered a spider’s web full of baby spiders on a pile of tools in our spare room. the tools were brought in from our garden over the weekend (okay okay, the weekend before last) and i guess a mama spider must’ve been hiding inside.
*i had to work oh so very hard not to throw up when i spotted them*
so basically, we now need to burn down our spare bedroom. it’s on today’s to do list…

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  • Made in Hunters

    Ted is such a handsome chappy! U must be a very proud fur mama haha.. His face looking at that pinecone is soo cute. :)


  • Georgie

    The spider’s web thing would literally have killed me. I’m feeling a little nauseated just thinking about it. I see you share my love for pantone – got one full of tea sitting beside me as I speak! (is it weird that i’m kind of talking about it like it’s not an inanimate object?) xox

  • Caramel Latte Kiss

    Eeeeeeewwwww, the only cure is to burn the spare room or move, I’m afraid. Yuck!

  • Rita M.

    Your hair ir perfect <3
    And your dog is so cute :) x

  • jennie

    Eww the spiders web story made me shudder. Burning the room is the only option ;)

    Jennie xo |

  • Sophie Juliette

    Ted is so adorably handsome! He makes me want a dog and I’ve always been a cat person :P Your hair looks really lovely :) And eww for the spiders, that’s one of my worst nightmares!

  • Miri

    Lovely pictures. Your hair looks great. I hate spiders… Ewww!

    Miri xx

  • Ms. Megan

    eeewww!!! I hate spiders!! I killed one this morning! Uck!!
    I love that black dress and your hair looks so beautiful + now I kinda want a chocolate cupcake!! haha! :)

  • Paprika

    The new hair’s really pretty! And I love the look of those cakes mmmmxx

  • Hayley

    My dog loves pinecones too, strange x

  • dan

    really really want a chocolate cupcake now! xx

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