Photos of the past week (or so)…

left// this stack of pancakes and bacon satisfied our pancake cravings. right// outfit details: polka dots, red jeans, and mint nails
left// a caprese salad in the sunshine (minus basil, since i’d run out). right// found the aristocats on netflix. ‘oh a rinky tinky tinky!’…
 left// breakfast. apple slices with peanut butter, and a gingerbread latte. right// i’d like bright pink flower pots in our garden, i think.
 left// we found a georgia o’keeffe-esque tulip growing in the flowerbed outside our house. right// the hugest cone of cappuccino gelato.
 left// our celebratory meal out was a total cheese-fest. what a surprise! ;) right// peanut butter icecream. big love to the shop assistant for that extra half-scoop on top! 
left// teddy and i waited patiently for sophie at the train station on friday. right// god bless instagram filters for making me look less anaemic, and soph look slightly less bronzed than she is in real life ;)
 left// i heart fabs. right// those perfect strawberries i keep going on about. almost five pounds a punnet though! yeeesh…
 tonight i’m off to gracie lou’s for a girl’s night in sleepover (can’t wait!) so will be leaving jason and teddy to fend for themselves for the evening. anyone want to place a bet that the dinner jason cooks for himself will involve bacon in a big way? ;) grace and i are planning on having the kind of sleepover we used to have when we were fourteen, with homemade popcorn, will ferrell movies, and pyjamas from 7pm. hey there teenage years, we’re reliving you tonight! 
p.s. if you’d like, search ‘ciderwithrosiebee’ to find and follow me on instagram!
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  • Rio

    Ohh thanks for the tip about Aristocats being on Netflix – I know what I’m doing this weekend now! :)

  • Lupus Heartbeat

    Aristocats, one of my favourite! <3
    Looks like you had a fun week! xx

  • Sarah Libros

    Aw how fun and adorable that you guys are having a slumber party! Definitely still do those with my best friend when we’re in the same place for a little while. Followed you on instagram :)

  • Hannah

    I love the outfit at the top, it looks really fresh and perfect for spring. Also sharing your love for Fabs, they always hit the spot and are cheap too! x

  • Hayley

    Those pancakes look absolutely gorgeous. I’m craving some strawberries now too x

  • Harri Davison

    Peanut butter & apple slices, I can see this soon becoming my new thing…

  • Nanda

    Beautiful pictures! Following u on IG now! :D

  • lipstick and soda

    haha, the aristocats, what a jolt of melancholia. i have to watch that one again too! thanks for sharing.

  • Terri

    Hey great post :) Love the aristo cats!

    Please check out my blog?

  • Dannielle

    Your pictures are always amazing, loved these! I wish I could make pancakes that come out like that… Anything I make comes with a health warning :) xx

    D Is For…

  • Ms. Megan

    aawwww!! Now I kinda want to watch the Aristocats now!! :)
    Looks like a lovely week!! I love the ice cream! And I hope you have a blast at the sleepover!! :)

  • loulabeth ♡

    these photos are so lovelyyyy, all the food looks so yummy – especially the fab, my fave! (:

    L x

  • Amber Love

    Lovely photos : I looove aristocats! You’ve made me want to watch it again!! x

  • Sallytangle

    Lovely lovely pictures as usual miss. Have a lovely sleepover :) xxxx

  • Alice

    So jealous of your girly sleepover Rosie- seriously in need of one of those!!! But FIVE POUNDS for a punnet of strawberries?! That’s mental. xx

  • clairemaxwell

    Sounds like the best kind of sleepover.

    Love these photos. What a lovely food filled week. The best kind of week.

  • ariadna

    Aristocats is so cute , and those straberries look delicious

  • Eleanor Mercer

    I love the Aristocats! I still know all the words to the Siamese cat ditty. I really like your spotty blouse too xx

  • Sophie Hurst

    Looks like such a nice week! I could do with a week like this. Love all the photos and the food looks extra yummy.

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