In the garden.


yesterday afternoon i found myself in the biggest funk ever…
so i turned on my new summer playlist (one direction feature heavily, because i’m quite clearly 22 going on 14) went outside into the sunshine-filled garden, and tossed a ball around with ted.
we played a game of ‘throw the ball against the house and compete to catch it on the rebound’, and also ‘chuck the ball up as high as possible then compete to grab it when rosie inevitably fails to catch it’.
it lifted my spirits quite nicely…
…and then the chips we ate for dinner, and a super chilled ‘girl’ beer picked up where the loveliness of the afternoon left off.

oh and this is totally unrelated, but still- yesterday, jason and i bought a dyson vacuum cleaner. we needed a new one because i accidentally vacuumed up a forgotten screwdriver head on monday afternoon, and it completely burnt out the motor. owning a dyson makes me feel like a proper grown up. it’s funny, the things that make you feel like a competent adult isn’t it?
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  • Alice evans

    That last picture is lovely! + i love your nail polish :) x

  • intoruth

    Really like the last picture. Love a girl beer :) x

  • Gemma

    Girl beer and playing with a dog is just about the best recipe for brightening the mood I’ve heard. Hope today sees everything more peachy for you xx

  • Sarah Libros

    I have been in a funk lately too, and can’t wait to finish my last essays and exams so I can spend more time outdoors to lift my spirits. By the way, I still feel really grown up every time I go grocery shopping! ha I guess it doesn’t take much for me.

    By the way, I love what you said about trying to be more like your grandma in your about me. I am the same way, I go through so many situations just trying to channel my grandma’s attitude and spirit.

  • Ms. Megan

    I hate being in those awful funks!! I’m so glad that you were able to get out of it + have a beautiful day!! I love that last photo!! xo

  • Paprika

    Ah summer days are here I love it, sounds like you’ve had a lovely timexx

  • Sophie

    so beautiful! just going to crack open a beer now :) best way to spend a summer evening! x

  • Samantha Minny

    Hi Rosie,
    You followed me on Twitter yesterday so I popped over to have a look at your blog. I must say I love the layout and you have such beautiful and big photos…it’s a blogging dream!
    I’ll be reading more for sure!
    Sam xx

  • Alice

    Oh god, a Dyson is a VERY grown up thing!! And yes for girly beer and sunshine, come on summer!! xx

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