It’s D-Day over here!

so, this morning i’m off to submit my last ever batch of essays! 
it’s so satisfying to hold in my hand such tangible proof of five weeks of hard work, and know that there’s nothing for me to do now but send these words on their way.  

i spent the weekend in that familiar, pre-submission day state of stress- waking up having sudden panic attacks that i’ve accidentally misread the essay questions, convincing myself that i’ve misspelt an author’s name throughout the essay, and being terrified to shut down the documents on my computer in case they get sucked into a black hole and disappear. 
but fingers crossed, touch wood, everything seems to be a-okay :)
i’m spending this afternoon having tea with my sweet friend jade (one of the wonderful people who’ve made university worth sticking out) and then am off to mum’s for supper this evening. i’m hoping my sister remembers to bring me her copy of twilight, because i want my post-university trashy book readathon to start as soon as possible! 
how was your weekend? :)

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  • Tania

    Oh wow what a relief! Enjoy your first few moments of freedom! Trashy reading is almost compulsory!xo

  • Emma

    Feet up and breeeeeeathe! Well done on getting finished, I know how amazing that feeling is. Sleep is always top of my list x

  • Freya

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • nishaantishu

    Congratulations on being nearly finished! Hope you’re planning some big celebrations, something including champagne and balloons :)

  • Laura

    Congratulations! I have another month left :(
    I understand your fears about the computer randomly sucking work in to a black hole. I’m not sure it has happened to me.. but I save things 30 odd times in different places just in case. Around dissertation time I developed a fear of being mugged and my memory stick getting lost.
    Hope you’re having a nice, stress free week.

  • hmwarley

    I’m mid revision for my second year exams. You are so right, good friends make Uni worth persevering with.
    Hannah at

  • Paprika

    Good Luck!! It must be soooo relieving nowxx

  • Olivia Erica Ryan

    What a lovely photo! And enjoy yourself now, love! Xx
    olivia erica ryan ♡ fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog ♡

  • Cathryn

    I can’t wait until next year and have uni finished with!

  • Kelsey

    Twilight were the first books I read after uni too. Great minds.ha.x

  • Alice

    CONGRATULATIONS! I found this to feel both brilliant and like a massive anticlimax haaha- I just had no idea what to do with myself!! Yes for trashy reading though- best way to celebrate finishing uni!! xx

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