This makes me miss being a dancer…

i found this video from the pilobulus dance theater company whilst trawling facebook last week, and it’s nothing short of brilliant
even jason was wowed, and he’s normally very skeptical of the dance pieces i make him watch ;)

don’t you think it’s just amazing?

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  • Soph.

    I love watching dance videos haha!! I can sit and watch them for HOURS which then results in loads of choreographing happening in my super tiny flat! ;) xx

  • Dominique

    I watched this a few weeks ago..It’s amazing!

  • Becky Lamyman

    This was doing the rounds on facebook a little while ago-it is stunning and so clever, I don’t even what to think about how long they rehearsed for!

    Becs x

  • sophiewearing

    This is exactly the kinda dance I love to watch!! Very similar to the kind of physical theatre combo we did for my degree! Carry on the recommendations please! xxx

  • Rich

    This is amazing! I can’t even begin to think of how they made some of those shapes, I can only do a shadow duck head!

  • Paprika

    This is definitely AMAZING! I watched this a few days ago for the first time and was soo amazed it’s perfect!xx

  • Alice

    WOW!! This is so incredible, they are so talented!!! x

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