That time last week when Ted played in the fountain


teddy loves water. it’s his absolute favourite thing in the world. he loves it more than his duckie, more than jason and i (it stings, i’m telling you ;) and even more than treats. though only just. i’ve been so excited to introduce him to the little water fountain in our garden, ever since we realised what a water baby our pup is. so one afternoon last week, i decided to switch it on and let ted do his thing.
my absolute favourite was watching him try to block up the spout with his nose, and the look of surprise on his face when his nostrils filled with water! that dog does keeps me well entertained on those long old midweek afternoons :)

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  • Emily

    I love reading your blog! It is part of my morning routine! Plus your cooking always looks so yummy! I feel like I know you (not in a creepy way), plus Ted is the cutest dog I have ever seen!
    Emily :)

  • Georgia

    Ted is adorable!

  • Sarah Winder

    OMG you have the cutest little dog I have ever seen!

  • Paprika

    Awh! He is so sweet!xx

  • Rachel

    awww his look in that first picture.. priceless!!! don’t you just love small moments like these :)

    rachel x

  • Emily

    oh Ted is just too cute


    Jammy and Jelly

  • Amy Elizabeth

    Aw he’s so gorgeous! I’ve got such puppy broodiness at the moment, this certainly isn’t helping!! :) xx

  • Ms. Megan

    awww!! Ted is such a cutie!!

  • Alice evans

    I swear he just keeps getting cuter, and cuter in each post! X

  • Emily Smith

    I can’t get over how adorable he is! xx

  • Meaghan Mulligan

    hahah my Doberman is the same way with water! Too cute!

  • Alice

    Oh my goodness, Ted is so cute (and great name for a dog)!! I love how surprised dogs get when things don’t go how expected- so much fun to watch :) x

  • Steph B

    So Cute!! Ted is adorable! :-)

  • Megan

    He is so beautiful!!

  • Vanessa

    He has such striking eyes, love that top picture of Ted…absolutely gorgeous :) x

  • becca

    oh he is so sweet!
    and it’s wonderful that he picked such an inexpensive treat as water- he will be happy all the time now, and so will you!

  • Charlotte

    He is sooooo cute! xx

  • M.A.D.E

    Oooooh is sooo sweet !! I love !

  • VioletDaffodils

    OMG!!! He is adorable! :D :D xx

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