Saturday, and thoughts on university.

four loads of laundry washed and hung out to dry…
four bunches of flowers bought for our ever wonderful mums…
three new pairs of jeans bought. i just couldn’t decide between the colours, and then jason said those magic words- ‘why don’t you just buy all three’? :)…
one crazy puppy tired out on a walk…
three mini eggs eaten with a cup of tea, and maybe a couple more after that…
two trips to the garden centre, searching for a bed that the pup can’t destroy…
and one nap taken by someone who doesn’t appreciate being woken up at 7 by that ever-eager dog.
tomorrow will go by in a whirlwind of cake baking, celebrating, dog walking, essay planning and writing. ever feel like the weekends aren’t as restful as they’re supposed to be? ;)

i’m starting to feel a little daunted at how much i have to get done for university over the next few weeks. i’ve got just over ten thousand words to plan and write before the end of april, and it feels a little like looking down the barrel of a gun. i know the end (of university, not time) is so close, but all the horrible stuff i need to get done before i reach the end is making me just want to pause time and take a breather. if any graduates have any words of wisdom for how to get through the final push of third year, i’m all ears ;) 
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  • Cat Fyson

    I remember the end of Uni being so daunting! I got through the dissertation/all that other work due push by planning to write a fixed amount every day and not letting myself step away from the computer or even look at blogs, Facebook or twitter until the words were done. I admit it didn’t always work perfectly, but it got the job done overall!

    Also, set yourself something fun to do or buy as a celebration of it being finished – after all the work, you’ll deserve it! Plus, it’s something nice to work towards. X

  • Catherine Lux

    Aw I remember those feelings of ‘AHHH! What do I do!?’ lol! It’ll all be ok, I didn’t even plan and write my 12,000 word dissertation until 4 weeks before it was due in, and I still managed to get a 2:1! I don’t think I would ever have gotten a first even if I had done it all earlier – I’m just not one to ever get the top grades even when I do loads of studying in advance etc. Just work your arse off over the next few weeks and you’ll do ok :)

    On another note, those mini eggs remind me of Easter so much, so I’m now off to the shop to get some :D

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  • Alice

    Oh I SO remember this point in uni- it really does feel so scary doesn’t it?! I worked best by almost literally living in the library- I was the first one in there seven days a week, gave myself set breaks, and let myself leave around 5-5:30pm and have evenings off to relax. I also rotated what I was doing- a day on each subject on a fixed loop, which works well if your deadlines/ exams are around the same time because you don’t get burned out on one topic.
    I also made sure I planned treats in- an afternoon in the park, or dinner out with friends, and things like that. And I told myself I couldn’t go if I didn’t work!!
    Good luck for it all lovely, I’m sure it’ll be fine! :) xx

  • Seph

    The end of uni is such a big one… I found the best way of dealing with the endless stress was to plan for what would happen at the end of it and the final chance to create memories with my friends while we were all in one place. Oh, and baking. That helped big time! It does get better, I promise!

  • Abigail.

    I never seem to be able to eat just a few mini eggs.. always the whole bag!
    abigail xx

  • Paprika

    Mini eggs, oh my am I looking forward to easter now!xx

  • Tabitha

    Luckily I opted not to do a dissertation in my final year….thank God because I would never have passed. I’m awful with deadlines. No words of advice I’m afraid chum, but much as I hated uni I do remember those last few months being spent solidly in the library cramming as much as I could in.

    Good luck! And remember, I’m always here if you need a listening ear :) x

  • Lauren Costello

    Ooh I remember this point in uni….just remember that probably only 2 people are going to actually be marking your final piece. Go and see these people, show them drafts, work with them and find out exactly what it is they want. If they are available try and get hold of copies of past dissertations they have marked and that have done well for inspiration and help :) Try not to stress too much, just think this time next year you’ll be saying ‘what dissertation?’

    Lauren x

  • Charlotte

    Good luck with all of the university work, I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end! xx

  • Charlotte

    I’m at exactly the same place as you uni-wise, and I don’t want to take a breather- I want to just finish. Like… if instead of doing my final essays, dissertation and exams, there was just like… a presentation or something to do instead. I know I know the stuff, it’s just getting it on paper. Blargh. If you find any words of wisdom, do pass them on to a fellow struggling third year! xxx

  • Dominique

    just keep organised and you’ll get through! my filofax was my lifesaver…it was also always good to keep on hand to see what slcialising i had planned when work was getting too much!

  • Nicola Stewart Galton

    Hi there,
    I agree with Cat. Set yourself daily targets and don’t let yourself go on facebook etc until you’ve reached them! Can be hard, but does help break work down into chunks so that it seems less scary. I graduated a couple of years ago with a 2.1 in English.
    Good luck!
    Nicola xx

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