It’s like holiday time all over again…

this handsome man of mine is taking a few days off over the coming week, and i’m pretty excited!
even though i’ve got essay after essay to write and not quite enough time to do them all,
it’ll be nice to have jase at home with me whilst i’m working.
because you know, i do love that man one heck of a lot…
and i especially love it when he’s around to take teddy off my hands for an hour or two each day, so i can essay-write without interruptions!
what with jason at home and all this snow, it’s like the christmas holidays have come all over again!
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  • Alice

    Aww this is lovely! It’s true, having someone you love around while you bash out the work makes it SO much better. Enjoy your few days, and good luck with the essays! x

  • StephDreamsBlog

    Lovely :) We have next week off too, going to Cornwall (in probably the rain & snow) but I can’t wait for a little break from work xx


  • Fatzee

    The pic is sooo adorably cute!!

  • Paprika

    Awh this is so cute! We have snow too, it’s beautiful, I so want to go sledging nowxx

  • Amie

    Love this picture! So sweet! I’ve heard it’s been snowing there again. I feel guilty talking to my family in Berkshire, telling them that the California sun is out, but it’s still chilly. To them anything is better than snow!
    Good luck with your last few essays! I remember writing the last few essays of my English degree, and thinking how excited I would be once it was over! It’s a very satisfying feeling! Enjoy your week!

    Love Amie x

  • Sierra

    You two are adorable!

  • Natasha
  • VioletDaffodils

    Awww you really suit eachother :D very cute! xx

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