And then our competitiveness took over once again…

the other night, jason said to me ‘do you fancy going on more dates?’

i replied….ummmm, yeah!

so earlier in the week, jase and i went for a late night frappuccino date.

sometimes we find ourselves getting caught up in daily routines, and feel like we don’t make time to really talk to one another. so on our date, that’s exactly what we did…

…until the part of us that just can’t help getting competitive took over, and we ended up playing a game called ‘test rosie’s abysmal maths skills’… so that picture above is my ‘thinking hard’ face. but seriously, who actually understands how to calculate speed anyway?

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  • Bess O

    Speed = Distance/Time ;-) xxx

  • Elspeth Daisy

    So jealous! I’m long distance with my beau but your little snippets of life with yours keeps me focused on where we will be eventually :-) 5 months to go!

    Elspeth xx

  • Alice

    Bess beat me to it, but speed= distance/ time is one of the only things I still remember from science!! My maths skills are also terrible, the best way for me to get rid of hiccups is to try to recite my 7 and 8 times tables. I have to think SO hard about it!! Dates sound fun though :) xx

  • Ms. Megan

    haha! You two are so cute!! xo

  • Sallytangle

    Ha! This made me giggle alot. Like the above lovely peeps, i remember that Speed + malarky. Only cos it was drilled into me at school cos i was awful at maths and could never remember it!! xxxx

  • Hayley

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Me and my boyfriend made a new years resolution to go on a date at least once a month, so far so good. Calculating speed is useless, velocity is where it’s at ;)x

  • Amie

    That’s why we stuck with the reading and writing side of things. At least I think that’s what you said! I hope, otherwise this comment is just moot.

    Love Amie x

  • Brittany

    you guys have the cutest relationship, i’m so jealous! x

  • findelhistoire

    In the true spirit of competitiveness you now have to find something to kick his ass at aha x

  • Stephanie Anderson

    Ahhh, so cute!

  • LouLou in Paris

    Brilliant idea! Yes to date nights : ) xx

  • Victoria

    Ah this is so cute. We are trying to go on more “dates” but always forget haha.x

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