The week as I’ve seen it…

in the past week or so, i’ve felt at my absolute happiest when i’ve been out walking. almost every day ted and i take a trip over to the heath not far from our house, and spend an hour tramping through the heather and up and down hills. my favourite time to go is around three o clock, when the sun’s setting and the light is hazy. it’s just magic. 
below- i call this outfit ‘fifty shades of khaki’
below- this little man just loves the sunshine
below- ‘magic hour’ sunlight
below: we were just having a chat, you know?

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  • Rachel

    that last picture is so cute! i love walks, especially with loved ones, best way to spend a leisurely day in my opinion! :)

    rachel x

  • Paprika

    Your dog is so cute, and I love the outfit, especially the welliesxx

  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    I have many ‘shades of dung’ outfits myself! Lovely photos, Ted’s coming on a treat xx

  • Tabitha

    Awww that’s a seriously adoring look he’s giving you there! Wish I could do this with Dudley, but being dragged through the woods face-first isn’t quite the same :( x

  • Vic

    I LOVE golden hour. Seriously my favourite time of day. These pictures make me really miss my pup!!

  • Bess O

    Ted is getting all grown up. Where does the time go….

  • Emily

    Aww Ted is getting so big!! He seems to be hanging onto every word you say, so adorable! x

  • Ms. Megan

    aawww!! That last photo is so cute!! And Ted is getting so big and is such a cutie!! I love this time of day + all these photos!! xo

  • Cat Fyson

    N’aww Ted is getting big now! What a sweetie x

  • Sammie Foster

    This looks so peaceful and your dog is soo cute x

  • Mari

    Wow, he is now such a big young man. growing and growing.
    Lovely and thank you that I could follow that way with you and him!!

    And somehow I want to live in the countryside one day and have a kind of
    welly collection like you do, fitting the main colour of my outfit :D

  • TashaaInWonderland

    I can’t believe how big Ted has got D; he’s growing up so fast & it’s not a good dog walk unless you get muddy haha <3

  • Fatzee

    Awww…looks awesome! I wish I could enjoy such a beautiful, relaxin day too once in a while!

  • Georgie

    If I don’t get out for a walk every day I go stir-crazy! It looks so pretty where you live, I’m in London which isn’t exactly ideal for long country walks, but I go on Hampstead Heath, which is sort of country? I wish I had such an adorable walking companion though:) xox

  • Lottie Simm

    when did he become a real dog and not a puppy?

  • Laura Hyatt

    Aww he is just adorable. Sometimes I really want to go for a good country walk, but stuck on a university campus really does limit where I could go. It looks gorgeous where you are :)

  • Bekka

    He reminds me so much of my dog. Adorable :)

  • Hannah

    There isn’t many feelings that can top having muddy wellies! :D

  • Gemma Talbot
  • islabell

    Aww, I love these photos, Magic Hour is the greatest!

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