The dog’s trying to kill me, & other recent events…


i’ll get to the bit about the dog later on but first of all i need to share…something amazing happened yesterday. i actually enjoyed university! i know, groundbreaking stuff right?! my performance group and i met to begin devising a piece for our assessment at the end of this term, and had the most engaging debate i’ve had so far this year at uni. i really had forgotten what it feels like to enjoy my time in class, and to feel excited at the prospect of working creatively and academically. losing grandma last year hit my ability to focus at university hard. my concentration is only just getting back to where it was before she passed, and it’s been so difficult to care about little things like poems and themes and genres, and about what this critic said about that author’s book. to feel even the tiniest bit enthused about my course feels like such a huge thing, so i’m pretty pleased right now :) hooray for wonderful university chums who make me remember why i started this course in the first place!

aside from all this university-related happiness, yesterday i had one of those ‘oh my goodness how am i so skint already it’s only the first week of the month’ moments. it’s horrifying. and i’ve not even spent money on fun stuff (aside from a nice candle or three), i’ve just made lots of mini trips to the supermarket that’ve racked up far quicker than i’d have liked. so enough is enough, and jason and i are now fasting until spring hits. well, not really, but i am going to make that rather unnecessarily large food shop i did yesterday last us a while ;)

speaking of food, jason and i (plus ted) went over to my ma’s for dinner last night. it was lush. as much as i really do enjoy cooking, sometimes a night off is wonderful! jason was extra chuffed with his supper of sausages and mash too, because the night before i’d had the nerve to serve him baked camembert for dinner which was not enough for a hungry man! ;) oh and also, i went over to mum’s with my hair in plaits, and she made her classic ‘oh hi there, heidi’ joke. i asked her if she’ll make that joke every time i wear my hair in plaits, and she said yes. i guess it’s good to be clear.

p.s. that’s a picture of ted doing his daily ‘call the rspca, i’m stuck under the dishwasher’ act. i think it might just be my new favourite photo of that little man. don’t let those mournful eyes fool you though, because earlier in the day he hopped up on the sofa whilst jason and i were upstairs, and chewed my asthma inhaler to pieces. i think that dog might be trying to do me in…

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  • ellie B

    Aww this really made me chuckle! So glad you had one of those amazing ‘I love being creative’ moments, I get them at work from time to time and know exactly what you mean, after weeks of feeling unmotivated it’s fantastic.

    Your hair looks cute in plaits, and ted is adorable.

    ellie | x

  • Becky Louise

    I feel like me dog is constantly trying to get rid of me. Yesterday alone, he almost tripped me three times on the stairs. You think I would learn from this but no.

  • Tania

    Ted is SUCH a cutie. Those eyes..*melt* I love your hair! I wish mine was long enough to do that! x

  • Kat

    Your dog is adorable! I know how you feel about being skint in the first week of the month, it’s so rubbish knowing payday is in the distant future! x

  • Ms. Megan

    awwww!! Ted is absolutely adorable!! And I love your hair in the Hedi braids! :)

  • Sallytangle

    Aw bless him haha that really made me laugh. I used to wear my hair like that too and i used to get the heidi jokes too. Or get asked if i was Amish….just me then lol.

    I know the skint feeling very well. I dont seem to have much o show for it either…all i can put it down to is that i was too excitable at being paid and that January was such a looonnnng month xxxx

  • Nanna Ersgaard

    I realized I hardly ever comment on your post though your posts are my favourite ones to read so it needs to change!

    As a dog owner this made me titter. Ted is the most mischievous puppy I’ve heard of in a long time. He should have his own little diary “The mischievous adventures of Ted” hahah.

  • Kate

    So I started reading this post because my dog tries to kill me quite frequently and I was curious to see how yours was going to do you in… Our little guy chewed up my inhaler this week, too! By the way, the photo of ted is absolutely adorable :)

  • Tabitha

    Ted really is too cute. And your hair looks adorable like that!

    Ed and I take turns to do the weekly (fortnightly) shop and the total was getting ridiculously high. We decided to be a lot more stingy because we waste so much, and have managed to get it back down to £40ish…which I think is incredible! It probably helps that I don’t actually cook lovely meals like you though, so the food we are buying is probably total rubbish! x

  • @distract_me

    Love your hair, it looks amazing. I wish I could do that! I’m skint too, and I’ve actually been quite good at sticking to my spending ban, so I have no idea where it’s gone… Probably on food as well.

    Liz xx

  • Charlotte

    Your hair looks amazing in plaits, you look lovely! xx

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