Sunshine, steak, and zebra heads.

do you see that? it’s spring! real life, blossoming, sun-shiny spring!

london looked beautiful yesterday. since there were about a million train cancellations (thank you, tfl!) jo and i ended up trekking out to the king’s road by foot from the nearest (not so near) tube station. it sort of turned out to be a blessing in disguise though, because instead of being stuck underground in cramped and clammy tube trains, we got to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and blossom in the streets above. 

we ate lunch at the king’s road steakhouse and had quite possibly the best steaks of our lives to date. and those chips? if heaven has chips (and i do hope it does), i think those chips will be supplied directly by the king’s road steakhouse. 

after lunch, we had a wander down the king’s road and ended up in anthropologie. when jason and i are million-trillionaires and money is no object (yeah, right) i’m going to go to anthropologie to and buy one of everything. actually scratch that, i think i’ll just buy the entire shop, and move right on in.

how cool are these animal heads?! i’m currently campaigning for a zebra themed hallway in our house. it’s not going too well so far, but i’ll keep you updated…

jo and i had the loveliest day together yesterday. we hadn’t had a proper catch up for such a long time, and i have so missed her. sometimes a date with your best friend is the best pick me up in the world, isn’t it?
also, do you remember that episode of friends where joey finds his hand twin? yup? well miss joanna is mine. if that’s not proof we were meant to fall in friend-love and be chums forever, i don’t know what is. 
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  • Paprika

    Looks fantastic, & I’d never seen what anthropologie looked like before, I so want to check it out nowxx

  • being erica

    i am forever to covet anthro from afar (or at least from the comfort of my bed, online, where i can’t be judged) x

  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    I loved this post! Beautiful photos and it sounds like you had a lovely day xx

    PS I love your jacket!

  • Simple Sophie

    this post is lovely, chelsea and knightsbridge are so photogenic no matter what time of year it is :) ox

  • Ella

    lovely post! Looks like you had a really sunny wonderful day! I love that area of London especially when the signs of spring are starting to emerge! xx

  • Holly

    Aw Rosie this was a lovely post! Glad you had a fun weekend, the weather really was beautiful! And that steak looks yummy! xxx

  • elephantsnever4get

    Aw hand twins! You both wore very nice scarves!

    Rosie | elephants never 4get

  • Ms. Megan

    bahaha! The hand twin episode is hilarious!! This looks like it was a fantastic weekend!! I love all these photos and I agree: I would love to buy out Anthro. and just move in!! They have the best clothes + prettiest decorations!! xo

  • Dominique

    if you go to the king’s road again you should try the big easy bbq restaurant it’s so good!

  • Harri Davison

    Looks like such a lovely day, London in the sun is the best :)


  • @distract_me

    Great photos. I’ve never been in Antropologie but it does look as though I’d want absolutely everything in there! Sometimes walking is so much better than taking the tube, because you make new discoveries and get a sense of where you actually are. Also, some places are a lot closer together than you realise!

    Liz xx

  • Fatzee

    Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day… A good friend is all you need to lift you spirits any time any day!!!

  • Kirsty M

    Lovely post! Looks like a lovely day, although now I fear it’s caused an Anthropologie stalking sesh to occur any moment. Oh dear… xx

  • Clare

    It looks beautiful! I’ll be traveling to London in June, and these photos made me so excited!

  • Sophie – Laced hearts

    That steak looks delicious!!! It’s actually making my mouth water! X x

  • Lottie Simm

    i am going to get one of those heads and am saying it is for ava’s room but really it is just for me :)

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