Little Letters #6

dear abs…i’ve done jillian michael’s six pack ab workout twice. why have you not formed yourselves into two orderly rows of three yet? hmm?
dear toad in the hole…you’re the best dinner, with the funniest name. we love you.
dear sunshine…you are glorious. thanks for making those twice daily walks such a joy. 
dear egg sandwiches (and that’s something i never thought i’d write)…why did i not discover how amazing you are before now? you rock. and you’re usually the cheapest sandwich going too, which rocks even more.

dear ted…where have those blessedly long afternoon naps gone, hey? 
oh and also ted…would you mind not running through every puddle you see when we’re out and about? only, i can’t afford to have my car valeted on a weekly basis, and you do make the seats turn a rather nasty shade of greige.
dear mama…can you be on half term all the time please? i like you being available for afternoon dog walks and cups of tea :)
dear electricity…i’m glad you’re back to full power. wandering around with soaking wet hair because the hairdryer wouldn’t work was no fun at all.
dear jason…you’re the cutest. the end.
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  • Rebecca Louisa.

    Adorable photo of Ted!! I have just bought the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and know I’ll be just like you – um, so I’ve done this twice… why do I not have the figure of *insert gorgeous person here* yet!? xx

  • Claire Nina

    Ahhh gorgeous picture of Ted! X

  • Paprika

    This is so sweet, the letters are a lovely ideaxx

  • Georgia

    That’s such a cute photo :) and yum to egg sandwiches!

  • Vic

    That picture of Ted is absolutely hilarious!

  • Bess O

    Awwwwww. Yet again, you win the award for cuteness

  • Laura

    This is so cute :)
    My mama is on half term too & I don’t want it to end. Afternoon cups of tea & catch ups are the best.

  • Hannah Isted

    Such a cute post! I am a massive fan of the egg sandwich too! :)
    Hannah x

  • Ms. Megan

    These are such cute letters!! xo

  • Sallytangle

    I love. That is all lol xxxx

  • Sophie – CGDN

    Aha, a fellow 6 week six pack-er. I’ve been doing it on and off since new year and although I can’t SEE them just yet I can tell that they are much stronger than before x

  • Courtney

    Really like this post, such a great idea and something i’d of never thought of! I definitely agree that toad in the hole is the best dinner! x

  • Courtney

    P.S i’m your newest follower :) x

  • Tabitha

    I love this feature Rosie :) My little letter this week would be as follows:

    Dear Sun, why can’t you shine just like you did on Tuesday for the whole week? Half term isn’t nearly as enjoyable without you.


  • Winnie

    Aw this is cute! I would like a flat stomach. Except I like food more than exercise. Bummer.

  • Sarah

    I like these little letters. I’d also like some abs haha xxx

  • Catherine Lux

    Such a cute photo of Ted – I love cocker spaniels’ ears so much! Also toad in the hole and egg sandwiches are the best – the be good to yourself egg sandwiches at Sainsos are only £1 and only have 277 calories in them! I have them every day at work. Addicted is an understatement.

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

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