Goodbye, January!

i’m glad the month of endless frugality and greyness is gone, aren’t you? teddy and i saw january off in style yesterday, with homemade cookies, a hike round the local country park, and a nap or two on the sofa. we even managed to time our walk perfectly with the weather, so we arrived home just as the rain started to pour!
see that mess in the photo above? that’s what my kitchen always looks like when i’ve been cooking. it would be pretty nice to be able to cook something, just once in a while, without it looking like a tornado’s moved through the kitchen. still, those cookies were worth the mess. my chocolate cravings disappeared after the first bite, but i finished the whole cookie just to be sure. and two more after that. it was the only sensible thing to do, right?

i can feel myself starting to get impatient for spring. at the end of each season i always start to long for the next: for warmer weather, or colder weather; for crisp fallen leaves, or trees in bud. we’ve got some fun dates booked in for february so far, and i can’t wait! i’ll be seeing my jo for the first time in far too long, and jason’s hoping to take a couple of days off work during my university reading week :) bring it on, february.
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  • Ellie

    ooh yum, the cookies look delicious! My kitchen looks that way when I’m cooking too :) And yes, I’m glad that January is over and I’m excited for February!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  • Hayley

    The messy kitchen is what Jason is for, you make the goodies and he thanks you for it! Maybe. In actual fact maybe not, I wouldn’t trust my boyfriend near a mixer x

  • Nicola Purkins

    Those cookies would not last two minutes anywhere near me… gawd i wish I was better at baking! My kitchen looks ten times worse though when I attempt to cook.. I need a wide birth in the kitchen!!

  • Nanna Ersgaard

    Sounds like such a wonderful day you and Ted had yesterday.
    Happy February! x

    ps. cookie recipe going up? :)

  • Jo

    I’m kind of the same about being impatient for Spring. I love Winter but now I just want to feel the sun and see the daffodils!

  • Ms. Megan

    YUM!! That cookie looks absolutely delicious!! Sounds like you had a fantastic day!! :) xo

  • Rachel

    high 5 to that.. i’m so glad january is over too! and you’re not alone when it comes to messy kitchens. i love to bake but dread cleaning up after… but your cookies look like they’d make any cleaning up worth it ;) yummmmmm you’re making me hungry!

    rachel x

  • BE-lieveinYOU-rself

    sounds like a perfect way to see the month off :)
    those cookies look amazing too! ahaa

  • Christina

    My kitchen looks so much worse when I bake! You should be proud :)

  • Rachel Evans

    Gorgeous looking cookies – looking much better than the few I bought from Asda earlier! x

  • helen at thelovecatsINC

    maaaajor cookie cravings now! they look gorgeous :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win the UD naked basics palette, real techniques brushes and essie polishes! click here.

  • Catherine

    Your cookies look yummy! :)
    Catherine x

  • Pixie Dust

    The cookies look great, I can understand why you had to eat a couple to check they were chocolatey enough ;-)

  • Irela

    Your Kitchenaid is making me soo jealous! ♥

  • Aubry L.

    Delicious! These cookies look divine :)

    So glad you commented on my blog. Excited to have found yours, too!

    beauty & truth

  • Eleanor Mercer

    So glad Jan is over too! Frugal is an understatement, it’s a rubbish month to have a birthday too, mine was on the 5th smack bang after Christmas!
    Also, I need to let you know that I’m so jealous of your red food mixer, it’s very GBBO and I want one x

  • @distract_me

    Those cookies look amazing, I need to get my bake on! xx

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