Fifty random facts about me: Part #5

41. my favourite activity as a child was acting out disney films in front of the television. i used to be snow white, lady (from lady and the tramp, naturally), and those dancing mushrooms from fantasia. can you tell i spent the first eight years of my childhood without a sibling? ;)

42. i’ve can hear like a bat. though not literally, of course.

43. roses are my favourite flower.

44. from the ages of 16 to 18, i probably brushed my hair about twenty times total. i liked the messy look, and thought that not brushing it the best way to achieve it. turns out, it’s actually just the best way to achieve dreadlocks.

45. in junior school i decided that my best friend grace’s handwriting was nicer than mine, so i copied it. my handwriting is still a shoddy version of hers.

46. i’m terrible at telling the time.

47. right before bed when i was little, my grandma used to hold my hands and bounce me up and down on the bed whilst we sang silly, made up songs. jason is adamant that this pre-bed excitement is the reason i can now be full of energy right up until i get into bed, and then fall asleep immediately as soon as my head hits the pillow.

48. i’ve never dyed my hair.

49. my favourite book is ‘little women’, by louisa may alcott.

50. if i had been a boy, my mum would have named me max!

and that’s it! fifty random, vaguely interesting (i hope) facts about me! i couldn’t think of fact number 50 last night when i was writing this post, and so asked jase ‘what’s a fact about me i could share?’ he replied ‘uummmm…you’re an idiot? that’s definitely a fact.’ 
…so fact number 51 is that my boyfriend thinks he’s a comedian ;)
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  • Paprika

    47 is adorable, what a lively grandma you must havexx

  • Cath

    Oh gawd save us from Men Who Think They Are Funny, eh? ;)

  • Charlotte | Charlotte’s Web

    haha, 51 is my favorite fact ;) xx

  • Nicola Purkins

    You know what.. I hate telling the time. I still cant read a 24 hr clock very well and hate watches with no numbers on.
    Wow.. that was pretty much one of my only secrets I just blurted out on your comments..


  • @distract_me

    Number 44 made me laugh… My housemate had to get her hair cut short a couple years ago because she’d accidentally created a massive dreadlock at the back of her head!

    Liz xx

  • FrancescaVaughan

    I’ve loved reading these! Wish I’d never dyed my hair! Ha
    I used to be Pocahontas when I was younger, I was an only child ;) ha

    F xx

    • Charlotte

      Haha, I used to be Pocahontas too. I’d sit outside with paper and pretend to paint on it and when my mum asked me what I was doing, I’d tell her that I was painting with the colours of the wind. Always heartening to know it wasn’t just me who was a massive dork. I don’t have the ‘no siblings’ defence either, as I’m one of four (seven if you count step-siblings).

      Lovely post Rosie (:

  • Bryony Dodds

    I love reading these kind of posts, you’re very cool Rosie haha :)

    I’ve done this post over on my blog if you want to have a read?


  • Bianca

    I drive my kids crazy by talking along with the Disney movies I know all the words. I really enjoyed these posts of yours.
    Bianca x

  • Ms. Megan

    bahaha! #51 is hilarious!
    I am terrible at telling time too and I really hate brushing my hair and really: The only way for me to achieve that messy look is to not brush my hair!! haha! :)

  • GreenDiamond

    I too go reall chatty and excited before bed then drop off immediately, always have done apparently! Love reading your posts xx

  • Kelsey

    oh, it didn’t post first here goes the second attempt:

    I read your final 50 at work today and it made it so much better :)
    Being a kid and acting out Disney? I still do now. haha.x

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