Fifty random facts about me: Part #4

31. i am terrible at whispering. i either speak at full volume, or mouth silently. my grandma was the same, and so is my mum!

32. i hate being drunk, and don’t like the taste of alcohol at all.

33. when i was really little, i remember thinking that being able to peel a grapefruit (tricky old things) was the height of maturity and skill. i aimed low, it seems ;)

34. i also used to think that when you popped a video (that’s what came before dvds, my younger readers ;) into the video player it sent a message to a little man in a room saying ‘please play sesame street christmas special’ or whatever, and then he pushed a button and it started to play on your telly!

35. i like my steaks rare.

36. i’m allergic to shellfish.

37. until last year, i didn’t own a single nail polish or eyeshadow. then i discovered beauty blogs, and said goodbye to my bank balance…

38. my birthday falls on the cusp of sagittarius and capricorn star signs.

39. i once served russell crowe when i was working as a waitress in a fancy hotel. he heard me click my neck, and recommended i see a chiropractor. #claimtofame

40. i don’t like cream, or full fat milk, or the taste of butter, or custard. yuck.

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  • Laura

    I’m the same, I dislike the taste of alcohol, so I rarely drink it.
    Also, I discovered beauty blogs last year and the same has happened to me.

  • Georgie

    Custard has to be the most revolting substance ever created. And people think I’M weird for not liking it?! Thank you for backing me up on this one. Happy Valentine’s Day! xxx

  • Tania

    I love your idea of 50 random facts about me! x

  • Sam Hutchinson

    I hate alcohol and was skinted by beauty blogs too! So so funny that you can’t whisper, aww! :-)

  • Nicola Purkins

    RUSSELL CROWE!!! Wowza..that is so cool. I am truly jealous :)
    beauty blogs are dangerous. VERY dangerous!!!

  • Laura Hyatt

    Im terrible at wispering too. Didnt help when I was in the library studying the other day and my friend found me because of my voice! haha. Although Im afraid I adore custard! What do you have on scones if no cream? Or Apple pie? Clearly I’m a desert fan. Always got food on the brain :)

  • Louisa

    I don’t like alcohol either! Refreshing to hear of other people who agree because most people love getting drunk..

    Louisa’s Notebook

  • Sammie Foster

    I love these kinds of post and you made laugh with your facts. You have such a lovely blog and i’m now your newest follower.
    I’v only been a blogging a few weeks and recent wrote a post 25 fatcs about me:


  • Paprika

    Aha love this, I don’t get drunk eitherxx

  • Victoria

    The Russell Crowe story is awesome!

  • Jasmine Brink-Li

    Love your #claimtofame hashtag ;) And I also don’t like to drink. I’ll have maybe one, but I don’t need to be drunk to have a great time!

  • Ellie

    OMG the Russell Crowe story is amazing! And yes, I’ve also discovered in the last couple of years that beauty blogs are not great news for the bank balance!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

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