Another Sunday in the City.

remember last week’s post, where i was all like ‘oh hooray, spring’s come to london!’? well, i take it back. it was actually snowing when we got into the city yesterday afternoon. snowing! and it’s nearly march! i didn’t mind too much though, because you can’t help but love this city, even when it’s grey and dreary and even your boyfriend’s long johns can’t keep you warm.

we (mum, francesca and i) met my cousin emily at waterloo for an afternoon of shopping the boutique stands at somerset house. now, i’ve heard good things about shopping at london fashion weekend in the past so i’m not sure if this one was just a dud, but it was…not so great. after sticking it out for an hour or so (i played an enjoyable game called ‘spot the blogger’!) we decided to escape up to covent garden. you know, as much as i flirt with the king’s road and notting hill areas of london, covent garden really does have my heart.
we talked about emily’s wedding (so exciting!) drank raspberry mojitos (i drank one, and it made me embarrassingly woozy!) and ate what i’m calling the best burger ever. i’d quite like to have byron’s blue cheese sauce on tap, please.

 special oscar speech-style mentions for the kind lady in lush, who chopped up three different shampoo bars for me so i could take them home to sample, and to mum for treating us all day long. thank you!
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  • Jilly Fretwell

    I have to agree, I was at fashion weekend yesterday and it definatley was not as good as I’d hoped. xx

  • Hayley

    I’d love to visit London, your burger looks delicious x

  • Nicola Purkins

    Looks like you had a wonderful time :) You must have been freezing though without a massive coat..and oh my, you think Byron burgers are good?? Well you need to make a visit to MeatMISSION in Old Street when you are in London next. Oh my. Knocks the socks off of Byron!! xxx

  • being erica

    i lve playing ‘spot the blogger!’ i do it most weekends at spitalfeilds market :)

  • Simple Sophie

    sounds like you had a great time even though it wasn’t what you expected, and that burger looks delish! ox

  • Ms. Megan

    I love all these photos!! The weather has been a little strange about these parts too, we are trying to just bask in the sunny days and get cozy during the cold ones!! :)

  • Allison Taylor

    Looks like such a fun fun time!! That. burger. I’d never go home I think :)

  • Paprika

    This looks amazing! I adore snow, even if it is cold and can be miserable, London is always so pretty. Must be so fun to talk wedding plans!xx

  • Georgie

    February is such a tease of a month – I thought that last week too – London was looking so pretty with all the crocuses out! But no, back to snow. And covent garden is still one of my favourite places – there’s an amazing french restaurant there called mon plaisir – you should try it next time you’re there! xxx

  • Claire Nina

    That burger looks delicious! Love your outfit too.

  • Tabitha

    Aaah I love Covent Garden. When I visited London last week I didn’t manage to go there and I’m regretting it already! x

    p.s. Love your shoes!

  • Sammie Foster

    This looks lovely, i keep telling myself i need to go on a trip to London this year. The food looks devine and p.s handbag crush going on.

  • Catherine Lux

    *drools* Byron burgers are the best! If I could alternate between Byron and GBK burgers every day, my life would be complete. I would also be 100lbs heavier though, lol!

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend!

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  • M.A.D.E

    London, I love this town ! It’s magical !

  • Bridget

    Oh that burger! And London! I want to jump in this post…

  • Rachel Crawford

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    Your outfit is beautiful ♥

  • Emma George

    I went to London Fashion weekend too, how hot were the diet coke men?! haha!

    New follower here :)


  • Charlotte

    Sounds like such a lovely day! xx

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