This isn’t a post about snow.


dear international blog readers…are you fed up of reading about snow yet? ;) it seems like the whole of british blog land has gone crazy for it! i promise i’ll only mention it once or twice in this post. i guess we british just can’t help but obsess over our crazy old weather! and the snow is so pretty, after all…

so, i’ve not been to university for a week. a weekthank you, snow. (p.s. that doesn’t count as me talking about snow.) being holed up inside for days on end really appeals to the introvert in me. actively being encouraged not to leave the house? um, okay!! i’ve been making the most of these cosy days by wearing pyjamas till noon.

my days at home have been pretty productive though, i promise! i’ve given our little house a mini ‘spring’ clean, washed the items of clothing that always linger at the bottom of the laundry basket (i’m looking at you, cashmere blends) and even polished up the oven. cleaning the house with ted around is always a bit of a drama. he’s been terrified of the vacuum cleaner/broom/duster and polish ever since he was tiny, and has recently progressed from plain old barking at whatever cleaning implement i’m holding, to deliberately doing naughty things to distract me from the task at hand. yesterday, he paraded around with a stolen tea towel whilst i tried to dust, and the day before that he chewed a hole in my nice new fancypants gloves whilst i was cleaning the kitchen. sigh.

ted and i have been watching a fair bit of trash telly, in between all this industrious cleaning/glove chewing. four words for you: what happens in kavos. i know i’m a prude, but seriously?! if you want to be shocked to your very core, go watch it. i guess i am easily shockable though, because on monday evening when my ma text me at 9.30 saying she was just starting to bake a cake, i was like…’woah. have you seen the time? it’s nine.thirty… isn’t it kind of late to bake?’ i think i maybe need to loosen up a little. just not as much as those kids in kavos…
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  • nishaantishu

    I would love any excuse to stay in for days on end too, how amazing! And especially with such a cute little pup for company :)

  • Charlotte | Charlotte’s Web

    well this isnt fair, I’ve had to wear ugly trainers (to avoid certain icy death) and go to work all week :( x

  • Mo Adore | Morag Lee

    Glasgow isn’t snowing ;) Been to work everyday this week – no time off for me haha!

    I haven’t seen the Kavos show but I remember early 2011 being shocked about a show on underage sex and how many partners they’d had. I’m quite an ‘each to their own’ kind of person but I didn’t understand how someone of that age could have racked up so many partners.

  • Zoe Larkin

    Snow really does have its pros :D I love your posts. you’re one of my favourite bloggers :D


  • Rio

    Ha I watched that Kavos programme and it certainly made me feel my age! What an eye opener!!

  • rosaliejayne

    aha I wish I’d had a few days off, I’ve basically had to ice skate to the bus stop and go to work everyday :( Hope you enjoyed your snow days. I haven’t seen the kavos program yet but I can imagine it would make me feel like a granny at the age of 20 :)
    Rosalie x

  • Amy

    I have stopped myself from watching that after hearing all the shocking stories about it! Love the Hunter boots :o) xx

  • Natasha

    Hehehe…. There’s never enough of snow =)))) at least for me =))))) Every year I want more and more =)))))

  • Sallytangle

    This post really made me laugh!!! Ha the mr and i sat down the other night and couldn’t find anything to watch and we stuck that on and spent the whole programme with our mouths wide open in horror – that programme is ghastly!!!!!!!

    We havent had any snow whatsoever up here in chilly cumbria, however i have been off al week and have had a jolly good time not getting dressed until lunch time and catching up on odd jobs. Got a massive bag of bits to take round to the charity shop tomm. Wit woo xxxx

  • Ms. Megan

    What a cozy week you’ve had!! I love reading about the snowy days being had in England! :)

  • Kate

    The weather here has provided us with the most snow we’ve had all season. It took me 20 minutes to drive to university, and I can see it from my house. But sadly, we never close. At least someone got to enjoy a few snow days! :)

  • Nanna Emma

    Hahah, thought it was quite funny the way you reacted to your mother’s late night baking. I dare you to try it sometime, it’s actually so nice!

    ps. Really like how you write on your pictures Rosie!

  • Emily

    hahahahahaha I love the 9.30pm cake panic- I’M THE SAME! Once it’s 9pm on a weeknight I have to get in my pyjamas and start thinking about bedtime!

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