The one where I shout strange things at the park…

yesterday afternoon ted and i were having our second daily stroll round the local park. i was trying to juggle chatting on the phone with jase, whilst simultaneously distracting ted from the oh to tempting game of football being played by a group of teenage boys in the middle of the field. 
this meant that i kept switching between a quiet phone voice, to the super loud high pitched squeaking one that never fails to get teddy’s attention.
i was wrapping up my phone call with jase just as ted made another dart towards the boys and their football. in that moment of panic (i didn’t want teddy to either annoy them, or end up getting booted in the head by accident) i guess i got confused between my quiet and loud voices, and instead of shouting teddy’s name to call him back, i shouted (at full volume and in the direction of the footballers) what i’d been about to say to jase which was…
‘i love you!’

so that’s what i did yesterday afternoon- declared love for a whole group of boys who most definitely thought i was a few sandwiches short of a picnic…
was your afternoon better than mine? ;)
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    Ha ha! Love it…poor you! I’m fairly certain I’ve done something similar to this a few years ago but wiped the memory from embarrassment! x

  • Charlotte

    Haha aww, I bet that made those boys day!! xx

  • Bella Luna

    haha oh dear…I am guilty of doing such things…you’re not alone ;) xx

  • Kaz

    Haha brilliant, wish I could have seen the looks on their faces!
    Kaz x

  • Becca

    hahaha oh deary! Some do say there isn’t enough love in the world, so you’re just doing your bit xxx

  • nishaantishu

    Oh my! Well I’m sure you made their day, at least :)

  • Vic

    Oh this made me laugh! I get so paranoid when my pup goes anywhere near football games – I’m terrified he’ll get hurt!

  • Emma Holdcroft

    Hahaha that’s wonderful! Gotta love juggling two things at once huh? x

  • Izzy Hilliard

    I’m sure they appreciated it a lot. You’re just spreading the looooooove.

  • Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots

    Brilliant! What I want to know is, did they say anything back? Heheh!

  • Miri

    Ted is so cute :D everyone has a few embarrassing stories… Yours is pretty funny.

    Miri xx

  • Ms. Megan

    bahaha!! ‘A few sandwiches short of a picnic’! :)

  • Second Hand Rose

    I love that last saying its great! Aww no we all say the wrong things sometimes, I’m sure you’ll be able to walk in the park again soon, XxxX

  • meneksh

    Hilarious! Yesterday afternoon we watched Desperate Housewives and napped, it was glorious to just relax together. Today though, we went out to do some grocery shopping and took Dougal in the car with us. He barked at every single non-Caucasian who walked past our car, which was horrendously embarrassing and has led me to the conclusion that I may need to start walking him in some of the more diverse areas of town so that he understands the concept of “people don’t all look the same”. I am cringing even as I type this. Ahh.

  • Kay

    Love it, that was totally brilliant! You made me laugh so much that hubby asked me what the hell was so funny. Not sure I should tell him ;)

  • Claire xx

    Great post! I always find my voice changes to distract Monty from wondering to a football game or other play areas aswell.

  • isthatyoudarling

    This made me laugh out loud! How funny! x


  • Marie

    Ahah that has happened to me before! What was everyone’s reaction? :) xx

  • Ms. Dainty Doll

    Haha…loved that!! That was priceless…yes, what did everyone do!?! xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  • Callie Thorpe

    I just read this to my boyfriend and we were laughing so much really made me chuckle it is totall something I would do ha! Thanks for sharing you made us giggle on an otherwise boring Saturday xx

  • daisyjanine

    Haha this is hilarious!

  • Melissa

    This is quite funny! Adorable pup. x

    <3 Melissa

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