In the coming year, I will try…

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- to try to speak more gently, both in tone and words. sometimes i’m guilty of speaking in haste and not tempering myself, and i so want to change. i think this will be my biggest personal challenge, but will make our home a nicer place. 
- to set aside fifty pounds each month to go into a rainy day fund :)
- to include three non-meat meals per week in my meal plan. i’m excited to try out some vegetarian recipes, so if any of my readers are vegetarian and know of some brilliant ones please do send them my way! :)
- to comment on blogs more regularly. i so love receiving comments here, and am determined to find time to return the favour!
- to begin donating each month to an animal charity. we debated long and hard when considering getting a dog about whether or not to rescue one from a local shelter. eventually, we decided for a number of reasons to go for a pup that we could train up exactly how we wanted, but i feel guilty sometimes knowing that we could have given one of the thousands of unwanted dogs in england a home. i hope that donating each month will do some good, and make a dog’s life a little happier whilst they wait to be given a new home.
- to let jason pick out more films for us to watch! i tend to sniff at his choices but they always turn out to be fantastic, so i’m going to try to be more open minded in the coming year! that said, i might need to add ‘work on my concentration so i don’t get bored and wander off halfway through 99% of the films we watch’ to my list of new year’s resolution?…;)
- and finally, my last resolution is to wear more yellow! i’m not sure yet if i’ll look dreadful in it, but since you can’t help but be happy in yellow i’m determined to try!
what are your new year’s resolutions my lovelies? :)

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  • Imogen

    Sounds like some great resolutions! Yay for yellow! <3

  • Dionne

    They sound like lovely resolutions, I love the one for the dogs, that’s very kind

  • Katie

    I’m veggie – this is THE best food ever:

    We have it as a treat every now and then! Yum!
    Happy new Year


  • Helen

    Happy New Year! I love your resolution to donate to an animal charity, what a lovely idea. X

  • Tabitha

    I think we’re quite similar in our resolutions! I’m guilty of being snappy…working with children means I’m used to taking charge and, sounds silly but speaking to children and it’s easy to carry that mindset home with me, so I’ll definitely be joining you on your first choice! I’d also like to save some money, start cooking more (not particularly veggie meals, just in general) and donating to charity. In the time I’ve been off work I’ve been making time to leave thoughtful comments on blogs and as for the films….well in our relationship I’m Jason and Ed’s Rosie! x

  • NuttyStyleofLife

    Sounds like a good set of resolutions! Hope you have a brill New Year! x

  • Hayley

    I myself am not a vegetarian but my blogging friend Morag is, her blog is and if you follow her on instagram she’s forever posting photos of really nice looking, meat free food :) x

    • Mo Adore | Morag Lee

      Thank you Hayley! :) x

  • Charlotte

    looking forward to these blog comments ;) haha

    happy new year daaaarlin xx

  • Kate Mathewson

    Hello love, happy new year – hope you had a nice night to celebrate.

    I love veggie meals, one of my favourite things to cook is Indian inspired veg. Sag aloo, curried cauliflower, lentil dhal etc. they are all delicious, and really healthy. I tend to use different recipes depending on what spices I have in the cupboard. Naan bread is also pretty easy to make from scratch, an goes well with them all.

    Kate, @katetamsyn


  • Eleanor Mercer

    Lovely list of resolutions :) I’d also love to donate to an animal charity this year. Happy 2013 hope it’s a good one xx

  • Maisy

    Good list of resolutions I can only think of four so far, but they are going to be tricky to stick to!

    Happy New Year x

  • Cherry

    I’ve told myself I need to save money this year too, good luck!


    Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions. I love the one about wearing more yellow!

  • Christina

    These are good resoluions :) They seem very achievable, which is something I have a problem with haha. I especially love the last one. Happy New Year!

  • daisyjanine

    Good luck with your resolutions, I made a few this year too! Lovely post :)

  • Ms. Megan

    I love all these goals!! Happy New Year friend!! xo

  • Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

    Good luck on those goals :) Happy New Year! :)

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  • Mo Adore | Morag Lee

    I think you’ve made some beautiful resolutions! I’ve been reading all the resolution posts today and there are many that are the same ‘lose weight’ and I think you have some amazing goals that are different! Good luck with 2013!

  • Second Hand Rose

    These sounds some really great, practical and achievable resolutions! I’m a veggi, you should really try out Quorn and on their website they have some great recipes, it’s really good for you too! Good luck! XxxX

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