Fifty randoms facts about me: Part #1

last week, the lovely miss estee posted a ‘fifty random facts about me’ video on her youtube channel (which is ever so brilliant and funny, by the way)! i enjoyed watching her video so much that i decided to do my own list of fifty random facts right here on cider with rosie! my list will be split up into bitesize chunks of ten, and here’s the first lot…

1. i used to be super super flexible. now i’m just that girl who *used* to be super flexible, and thinks she’s still got it. (i don’t)

2. i have a phobia of repeating textured patterns, like the insides of pomegranates and rashes and clusters of insect eggs. even the word ‘clusters’ makes my throat feel a bit funny. blurgh.

3. i really like reading the same books over and over. i find their familiarity comforting :)

4. i loathe black pepper. i can’t think of anything worse than sprinkling those little satan flakes onto my food!

5. my hands are absurdly small. bracelets slide right off my wrists, and i can almost never find rings that fit! it is rubbish!

6. i’m atrocious at remembering/understanding song lyrics, so i pretty much just make up my own. it’s a constant source of hilarity for jason ;)

7. i only like to eat bananas when they’re really green, with no brown spots at all.

8. when i was little, i sprained my wrist by trying to pull off my shirt without undoing the button on the cuff.

9. in the battle of sweet vs savoury, i’ll back savoury all the way!

10. i can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. as soon as i lay down on my front, i’m asleep! it’s quite the talent! ;)

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  • Made in Hunters

    I love reading things like this! They are always so fascinating! How funny that you sprained your wrist from not undoing a button. :)

  • Rose

    I have the same fear of clusters! Mainly seeds in fruit and veg, melon seeds is my biggest phobia! Never known anyone else who feels the same ha!

  • Soph.

    I love reading things like this!!! :) xx

  • Sophie – CGDN

    A fellow easy sleeper. My husband can’t fathom how I manage it but I can sleep anywhere, even in a lecture once (bit awkward as there was only a dozen or so of us) x

  • Charlotte

    I’m with you on the savoury thing!! xx

  • Bianca

    I like sweet AND savoury. Have you ever dipped your fries in a McDonald milkshake? its delicious :) xx

  • Laura Gois

    I always re-read books too! :) x

  • being erica

    totes jel about the sleeping thing. i need that in my life.

  • Ladybug Cupcakes

    I totally back up the banana thing, actually makes me gag at the idea of a mushy one ewwww

  • Amy

    Great post idea! I read the same books over & over too *cough Harry Potter* xx

  • Gemma Talbot

    I love these posts, it is so nice to find out a bit about you x

  • Ms. Megan

    I love reading these little random facts!! I LOVE re-reading books and I really wish I could fall asleep as soon as I lie down! It always takes me a bit!! :(

  • daisychain

    Hurrah for a fellow black pepper hater! xo

  • Ellie

    I also have a phobia of repeating textured patterns! ew haha. I’m also from surrey :) xx

  • @distract_me

    Haha, that’ll teach you to unbutton your shirt before you take it off! I’m good at falling asleep too, and I’m unable to take a short nap. When I sleep, I sleep for hours… xx

  • Ren

    That’s so odd, I have the same phobia as you – I hate hate hate repeating textured patterns, they make my stomach turn. In a similar vein I hate the inside of mushrooms. I am feeling ready to hurl just thinking about it. Rx

  • Grace

    such a funny post! I’m the total opposite on the black pepper front- I lovvev it! xo

  • Laura

    I love re-reading books, I have books that I’ve read so many times I can almost recite them by heart. It really is nice reading something you’ve read before, like you say, familiar.
    Also, black pepper: yuck!

  • Charlotte

    I love reading little fact posts. Haha never heard pepper refered to as satan flakes but that made me smile

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