Fifty random facts about me: Part #2


11. i once drove the whole way round the m25, because i turned the wrong way when joining the motorway and couldn’t turn back round. three and a half hours and one hysterical phone call to my mum later, i was home…

12. as a child i hated peas and prawns with a vengeance, but would eat them willingly when they were in chinese special fried rice. i had my priorities straight even back then ;)

13. i’ve got a really good memory for words and languages. i’d really like to learn a really unusual language like urdu or cantonese, just for the fun of it!

14. i don’t really like watching films all that much. my concentration span just isn’t long enough!

15. i had such an obsession with eating pickled cucumbers last summer that my tummy started burning every time i ate one. i had a three a day habit, and eventually jason had to put them out of my reach in the kitchen to stop me from eating them!

16. ducks are my favourite animal.

17. my mum and i could not be more different! we once did a ‘are you an introvert or an extrovert?’ test online, and on a scale of 1-20 (1 being total introvert and 20 being complete extrovert) i scored 2 and she scored 19! :)

18. i’m number dyslexic, but only found out that was an actual ‘thing’ about a month ago! it explains a lot ;)

19. i learnt how to french plait when i was about 12, whilst watching the princess diaries. anne hathaway had her hair in a thick braid, and i thought ‘i can do that’…and i just did it!

20. my left thumb is really loose in the socket. it makes gripping things with that hand really difficult, and it means i’ve had some very near misses when chopping ingredients in the kitchen!

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  • Sam Hutchinson

    I’m exactly the same with films! So whenever I’m in the mood to watch one I act on it quickly, otherwise I’d never watch any haha.

    • Hayley

      I’m also the same, I can only really do it in the cinema or if it’s something I really like! x

  • Kay

    I’ve always said I am number dyslexic! but wasn’t sure it actually existed but now you’ve put my mind at rest! Thank you!

  • Bryony Dodds

    You’re such a cutie <3 I also have weird thumbs too! xx

  • Brookies

    Ma here! I’m challenging the accuracy of number 11. It wasn’t ONE hysterical phone call from the M25 – it was many!! I, of course, remained cool and unflustered throughout your ordeal…..xx

  • Ms. Megan

    I did not know that number dyslexic was a thing!! Thank you so much for sharing, I feel much better about myself now!!! :)

  • Fatzee

    Wowey….good to know these facts about you! I did a similar post today on my blog

  • Ellie

    I think ducks are adorable too! The other day I was a duck couple crossing the road together, and they looked so sweet! And I feel the same way about movies, unless one really catches my attention, and then I block the entire world out because I’m so engrossed!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  • BreezeyBee

    i love that you can learn languages but dont really like films! thats so cute. you sound like a lovely sweet person and btw.. ducks are adorable, especially little baby ducklings

    BreezeyBee Blog

  • Tiana

    You are too adorable, with an adorable blog to match!
    I truly do just want to have cider with you. Especially after hearing all your fun facts!
    I, however, love movies so we may have to compromise ;)

    beautiful blog!
    tiana of l’esthetique

  • Sophie – CGDN

    I am number dyslexic too, I banged on about how hard I found maths and nobody cared, I too found out it was a ‘thing’ recently. Still sucks.

  • Eleanor Mercer

    Ducks are so cute! Love them. I still can’t master a French plait :(

  • @distract_me

    Love these posts. I also can’t focus on films, unless I’m in the cinema. xx

  • Debbie

    I’ve just discovered your blog and absolutely love it, it’s just gorgeous. I’m also glad I’m not the only non cuddly sleeper! I love my boyfriend to pieces but lord help him if he goes near my pillow! Haha! X : )

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