Moments like this…


holding hands…
whilst driving home late at night after a couple of days away…
talking about our past, our future, and how lucky we are…
 just magic.
i love him, so much.
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Posted in JASON, LOVE
  • Fatzee

    I must…such moments just makes you realize how lucky we are to get a loving and caring life partner. Last night before leavin for an outing, my mister stopped me, took a look and then said ‘i love it when your hair is in a pony”..that was enough to lighten up my mood for the rest of the day…..

  • nayabloves

    such a sweet post! :)

  • ellie B

    Awww, how unbelievably cute :). I remember how it felt to feel like that, and it’s happening all over again… magic!

    e x

  • Helen

    Aw this is a really sweet post, it’s such a nice feeling :-)

  • studiomaison

    sooo sweet! I know what you mean :) so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!


  • @distract_me

    Awww xx

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