Guess what?

i have a new car! and i know i’m biased, but i think she’s a beaute.
my old car has done me proud since i was an anxious seventeen year old learner driver, but the poor old lovie was starting to show her age. i’m pretty sure it was one trip to the garage off being termed as ‘an old banger’. but that car once took me round the entire m25 in one go, so we musn’t judge it too harshly. and before anyone asks, i was 18, went the wrong way when i joined the motorway, panicked, and ended up doing a full lap. it took three and a half hours. i don’t want to talk about it…(#traumatised)
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  • Sam Hutchinson

    Ahhh I love it, my Mum adores those cars! Enjoy it! :-)

  • Park Bench Poet

    Haha I know I shouldn’t laugh but that M25 story had me in stitches!
    This post makes me sad :( I am selling my beloved white Fiat 500 tomorrow!! Wahhhhh :( x

  • Cath

    Ooooooh yummy new car – so jealous. I quite fancy one of these if we don’t end up with so many bally dawgs that I can’t fulfill my downsize-the-car-asap fantasy…

  • Jem

    Congratulations on the new brum, she is a looker! Has she been christened with a name yet?

    Jem xXx

  • Kay

    Oooh this is the car I am hoping to get next summer :) Hope you enjoy her, and let us know how you find the fiat 500!

  • Robyn

    I love the car! So cute!!

  • Emma K

    Ooh, lovely car! Has she been given a name yet? :- )

    Aw, I wish I could drive!

    Xx. Emma @ ever–

  • Fatzee

    A stunner….I love ‘em. Perfect for gals

  • Harri Davison

    Such a cute little car, definitely suits you :) x

  • Helen

    Congrats on the new car :) I just got rid of my old banger last month and I’m absolutely loving having a car that actually heats up now the temperature has dipped! x


    So jealous of your FIAT! I have a Ford KA (inherited from my brother) and I hate it.
    I once took 3 and half hours to drive 50 miles on the M25 only last month because I took the wrong exit, so I feel your pain ;).

  • Kaz

    Aww amazing! I went for a ride in one of these beauties last week with somebody from work and got a bit too excited about being sat in such a little bubble of cuteness!
    Kaz x

  • maryrachel

    Congratulations! Also I love your outfit!

  • Ember Drake

    Oh my gosh that is so cute! I’m very jealous right now :-) – I’ve been wanting a yellow Fiat 500 for about 3 years – they’re just the most adorable, girly cars out there!


  • Life As Anne

    Love the Fiat 500, and in white! good choice ;)

    xoxo Anne

  • Elise Downing

    She is beautiful!

    Elise x


  • Firework Fashion

    I don’t know much about cars but it looks lovely
    I want a white car too!!

    x Love M

  • Bethany

    Rosie, you have absolutely no idea how jealous I am of you right now! I have wanted a 500 since I first set eyes on them. Gorgeous! Enjoy zipping around in it!

  • Stelle

    Precious! =) Rosie, I do not know if you have an idea how limited the production of FIAT 500 was. What was your old car, by the way? I hope you took a picture of it as a souvenir. Keep yourself safe and us posted! :)
    Stelle Courney

  • Ava Harness

    An absolute beauty! Your Fiat 500 is such a queen. ;) I envy you for it. I bet that, by now, you have made awesome memories with it. Though this one’s new, I suggest you still regularly perform inspections and maintenance on it. Failure to properly maintain your vehicle or perform necessary repairs could result in more costly repairs and negatively impact vehicle performance. ;)
    -Ava Harness

  • Danille Folson

    Definitely fabulous! Anyway, do you want to have your new car in glossy white? Just a friendly tip, try waxing it in several layers. Applying a lot of wax may leave some residue on your car’s surface. More than aesthetic reasons, it will also help to protect your car’s exterior. Take note, it may take 12-48 hours for each layer to bond firmly to the car’s exterior. :) There’s no harm in trying. Keep us posted!

    -Danille Folson

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