things that were nice about yesterday:

- ted walked super nicely on the lead when we went out for stroll
-  the pretty flowers and candle on the dining table made a nice little spot to sit and attempt some university work in :)
- i remembered my way round the campus library without too much fruitless aisle-wandering
- my throat seems finally to have stopped feeling raw, so i could enjoy my favourite citrus squash again
- the empty yankee candle jar i put in the dishwasher came out sparkly clean, and is now holding my lipsticks just perfectly :)
-ted’s poorly tum seems to finally be better (touch wood!) and so we’re able to give him proper food again instead of plain boiled rice. he couldn’t be happier!
things that were not so nice about yesterday:

- the bp garage on my way home from uni had run out of my favourite cheese and onion pasties, so i bought a ‘breakfast pasty’ instead which was just plain yuck.
- i realised how shockingly poor my concentration is. 
- o2 haven’t switched my old number to my new phone yet, so i still have two phones on the go! it’s pretty confusing.

tell me, how was your monday? :)

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  • WonderfulYou

    I love the sound of your monday, and the thought of using a candle as a lipstick holder – you genius. Glad Ted’s tum is a bit better too :)

    My Monday was jolly lovely! I took my friends new pup to puppy training and stuffed my face with a KFC :)


  • Charlotte

    When I got my iphone last month it took o2 2 days to switch my number, and it was an entire week before my internet worked – what’s going on with them right now? Psssh.

    Other than that your day sounds good, my concentration is also beyond awful. i have to make tick lists so I get things done and remember to do work instead of browsing the internet x

  • meneksh

    I left o2 because they kept overcharging me and I just got fed up with it!

    My Monday was filled with work and then revision for a Budgeting exam I have to sit tomorrow morning – bleurgh. I am dreadful getting stuff done and always leave it until the last possible minute, which always results in a super level of stress!

  • Niina – It seems pretty obvious.

    What a lovely little Monday post, sometimes Mondays feel so long and boring but there’s always things to be happy about on a Monday too :)

  • Life As Anne

    Wish i had such a good monday, had to get up at 6 am and then i realised my scooter broke down. So my mum had to bring me to internship so on the other hand i was lucky because the car is a lot warmer :)

  • Cath

    Oh well done Teddo – glad the tum is a bit better. Ruddy puppies and their love of STINKY water, eh? xxx

  • Emma K

    Erg, breakfast pasties- can’t say they even sound too appetising!
    Glad Ted is feeling a bit better :- )

    Your Monday does sound lovely and relaxed… I hate Mondays, I’m just always so sleepy and yesterday I had to go to the doctors. : ( I spent pretty much the rest of the evening writing (and then laughing at my housemate who had a few too many at the pub), so it was a decent day overall!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Xx. Emma @ ever so

  • aly7

    Aw your Monday sounds great! Mine was okay, too. But today hasn’t been! :(

  • NuttyStyleofLife

    Sounds like your day was a good one! And yay for Ted feeling better, poor boy.


  • Jauntabouttown

    Love those Hydrangeas ! Well done Teddy :) x

  • Alice

    I feel you! I have had the lowest concentration levels of all time today. Not even a chocolate bar can fix it! x


    what a gorgeous photo! where is that lamp from? its amazing xo

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