Things I Do Not Understand #1…

people (usually men) who drink directly from cartons of milk in public.
it’s wrong. just wrong.

image credit: found via pinterest, originally by charlotte harrison
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  • Cath

    Quite so. Dirty bastards.

    What I don’t understand: people who say they don’t like cake.

  • Charlotte

    What if it’s a small one pint carton that they’re having instead of a bottle of coke or something? I always find people that drink milk instead of whatever else is on offer quite endearing haha

    However, if they’re pulling out a 4 pinter from their shopping bags just to have a quick gulp before they get home, after which other people will drink from it, then that’s a bit grim x

    • RosieB

      Haha I do find milk drinking pretty cute, it’s just the carton thing that makes me feel queasy! Blurgh! Just can’t get on board with it. The only time in my life I’ve ever voluntarily drunk milk was when I broke my foot in January, and whilst it was healing I had the most insatiable craving for it! So strange! It’s never happened before or since! Guess my body was just craving the calcium?!

  • Louise

    ooh I’m with you on that one, it has always made me me feel a bit queasy, I don’t know why.

  • Hayley

    I was lactose intolerant as a kid, I kind of grew out of it but I still can’t stand milk! x

  • aly7

    Haha, absolutely agree with ya!

  • Ember Drake

    Completely agree – it’s one of my biggest pet peeves!


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