Nowadays Jason gets home from work so late…

…and we miss him. the last hour before he gets home seems to drag on forever. can the weekend just hurry up and arrive already please? 

p.s. this is us. waiting. 
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  • Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

    My boyfriend works crazy hours as well! He works 7am til 11pm… and continues to work at home. I blog whilst waiting for him, as I don’t have any cute pet with me :/

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  • Mrs D.

    I hate waiting for my husband to come home too. I’m at home during most of the day though so I spend a lot of time on my own. It’s horrid! Fortunately though he works in a school so we get lovely long holidays together.

  • Rachel Crawford

    Aww so cute :)

  • Lea

    Awww how adorable :)

    Lea x

    It’s Such A Wonderful Life -

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  • Amie

    Adorable! What kind of dog is Teddy? The boyfriend and I are looking at different types of dogs to get ourselves. We already have a cat – Oliver.

    I’d also be honored if you checked out my blog, I’ve been following yours for ages! Thanks Rosie! :) Merry Christmas season! xxx

  • Helen

    You two are adorable! Brett works a lot longer hours than me and I feel exactly the same waiting for him to get home, especially on a Friday night when I just want the weekend to begin!

  • Kaz

    Haha this is just the cutest <3
    Kaz x

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