Christmas morning traditions

this year, jase and i are hosting christmas morning at our house for my mum and sister, before we all head over to jason’s mum for a delicious lunch of turkey and all the trimmings. i’ve decided i’m going to make jamie oliver’s ‘epic’ hot chocolate and griddle pan waffles for us all to enjoy in our jammies, whilst digging into our christmas stockings :) the hot chocolate recipe is from jamie’s ‘christmas with bells on’ programme, and it sounds sublime. properly thick and rich, like the hot chocolate you buy in spain to dip churros in! i’m in the market for some sweet little mugs to serve it in, if anyone can point me in the direction of some? :)
2tbsp horlicks
2tbsp cornflour
3tbsp icing sugar
4tbsp quality cocoa powder
100g quality dark chocolate, grated
pinch of ground cinnamon
pinch of salt
jamie says: mix all the dry ingredients together, then add 10 tablespoons of the mixture to two pints of semi skimmed milk. whisk the powder into the warm milk, and let it bubble away on the hob until it’s thick and delicious! 
sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! what are your christmas morning traditions? :) 

p.s. more hot chocolate here, and also here. i am just a bit obsessed!

recipe credit: from jamie oliver’s ‘christmas with bells on’, found via
image credit: found via pinterest, originally from a la mode journals
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  • Bailey- I Know All the Words

    That sounds like such a great hot chocolate recipe, I’ll have to save it for the winter/Christmas season.

  • Gemma Doherty

    Wow… I will definitely have to have some friends over and make that hot chocolate one December’s night! It looks delicious.
    Gemma xx

  • Charlotte

    Does sound good.. I can’t drink hot chocolate early in the morning though, it just doesn’t seem appealing until midday :( we don’t really have any xmas morning traditions, but we do like to make a cup of tea before getting into the swing of things x

  • Lauren

    Yummy sounds amazing! I want to make a nice breakfast like this for Christmas – so excited already! xo

  • Callie Thorpe

    I watched this episode and it looked so good I will be in Paris for Christmas this year so hopefully will be starting the day in a little cafe some where! I loveeeee your blog by the way.

    Callie x

  • Daisycakes

    That sounds gooorgeous, christmas morning in my house is always a very sleepy affair so it’s tea all round and then slobbing in our pyjamas until lunchtime! I can’t wait! xxxxx

  • Sian Waters

    We had this last year christmas morning! was delicous and very festive :) xx

  • The tea-drinking Book Lover

    What a lovely start to Christmas morning! Emma Bridgewater has lots of beautiful Christmas crockery, as does M&S. Here’s just one example:

  • Rhiannon

    It’s really yummy! Really making me want to have some more again! X

  • Amy

    I won’t lie, this sounds amazing! Hot chocolate is definitely a favourite of mine!

  • Becca

    Can I come for christmas please? This sounds delicious along with the waffles, nom xxx

  • meneksh

    I don’t know how to do mini links, but Etsy has some awesome bits and bobs, e.g.

    Well jels of your Christmas – we are flying to Northern Ireland again to spend Christmas with my husband’s family, which we *love* but it means we can’t really start any of our own little home-Christmas traditions!

  • loulabeth ♡

    omg this sounds so perfect! i think i’ll make these for my boyfriend & i on christmas eve! (:

    L x

  • daisychain

    I think you’ll have the whole blogosphere round for Christmas at this rate!

  • Maisy

    I think I have had this hot chocolate before, if so it is delicious!! Sounds like a great start to Christmas!

  • Alice

    I need to try this! I’m a huge hot chocolate fan. After dinner, at cafes, at Christmas, anytime really. xx

  • missmeliaa

    That sounds absolutely delicious!

  • BeautyByRen

    Just found your blog and love it :) Can’t wait to try this out, my son will be so excited :) xx

  • Lou

    Wow, you are planning ahead of time. I don’t have a clue what is happening for Christmas with my family. :) But, I do love this recipe and I think I will need to try it asap!


  • Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Rosie

    My friend made me a Jamie Oliver hot chocolate once, I think she might have put too much actual chocolate in it though as the spoon practically stood up in it! Or is it supposed to be like that? Either way it was yum! :) xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  • Emma K

    Aah, Jamie Oliver’s a good ‘en, ain’t he. :- ) That hot choc sounds amazing! May have to try it out myself

    Xx. Emma @ ever so

  • LouLou in Paris

    This sounds absolutely sublime! I love how excited you are about Christmas, it’s contagious : ) xx

  • LouLou in Paris

    This sounds absolutely sublime! I love how excited you are about Christmas, it’s contagious : ) xx

  • Ala

    This sounds so lovely, we do traditional Polish Christmas on Christmas Eve but this sounds too good not to do x

  • Claire

    That sounds amazing, we always have bacon sandwiches on Christmas morning :-)

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