This is what I’ve learnt since having a dog…

wearing a brand new cream coloured cardigan out on a dog walk is basically the worst idea ever. learn from my mistakes- don’t do it!
on that note, you’ll suddenly understand why seasoned dog owners have ‘dog walking clothes’ in dark, mud-proof colours ;)
sometimes pups have ‘demon’ days, where they forget everything they once learnt about housetraining, want your undivided attention 24/7, and eat all sorts of disgusting things that make you retch (big juicy slug, anyone?) these days aren’t your fault, and you just kinda have to weather the storm…:)
puppy teeth and knitwear are not the best of friends…
you basically won’t ever need to sweep your kitchen floor again, because dogs = furry vacuum cleaners. and it’s brilliant!
7am at this time of year is pretty dark and chilly, but the sunrises are beautiful :)
puppies smell like popcorn and milk and cuteness 95 percent of the time, and bum the other 5 percent of the time…
squidgy puppy rolls are the cutest thing in the world :)

dog owners, please feel free to share your best ever tips for stress free dog owning in the comments below! i wear brand new clothes out on muddy puppy walks, so i quite clearly need all the help i can get ;)…

p.s. i know i’m his owner and so am totally and utterly biased, but i think this photo of little ted is basically the sweetest thing ever to have existed in the history of the world…;)
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  • Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

    Little Ted looks absolutely cute and adorable! xx

    I used to have a dog but we lost her so I never bothered getting one again because losing my dog really hurt so much. But I think in a few years, I’m ready to have a dog again :)

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  • WonderfulYou

    Rosie your words always put a smile on my face. He is so frickin cute, and HAHA at the 5% smelling of bum. xxx

  • Emily Mcmullen

    their little paws smell like popcorn too :) even when they get older. I miss my dog being a puppy!!

    • Cath

      I am impressed with popcorn paws – my dog’s paws smell like GORGONZOLA!!

  • Mrs D.

    I actually want to make squeeing sounds at that picture, he’s so cute! His little ears look so soft and sweet <3

  • Cath

    LOVE the piccy! Love it.

    Dogwalk outfit = wellies; old denim or dark joggers (or on particularly special days, PJs); always proper jersey tshirt or hoody – never knitwear (I never wore knitwear around Minty until he’d teethed, even just at home); old gloves or if you’re me, nice cashmere gloves, but one particular pair so they can get roughled up and no others; proper hardcore raincoat.

    Raincoat pockets = poobags; those v salty tiny little minitreats you can get from Pets at Home et al so that you can give treats all the time for every recall; hanky; phone; small packet of antibacterial wipes – Minty perhaps needs these more than Teddo because he’s got bald paws and is so heavy he drives sharp bits into them all the bloody time…

    PLUS in summer a bottle of water for doglet. Minty can drink from the neck of a bottle and it’s a massive boon because he does get jolly hot in summer.

  • Izzy Hilliard

    I wish I could help, but I left all puppy training to my parents! You do have the most scrumptious pup in the world though!

  • Katie

    From my mums dog I learnt, dogs will wee on ANYTHING. Usually outside though!

    Oh and they def suffer from ‘small dog syndrome’!


  • Sallytangle

    Such a little cutiepie, gaaaah i just want to kiss his little ears. Bless him xxxxx

  • Meaghan Mulligan

    From a mother of 3 dogs here are 2 tips. Get a really good vacuum, always have carpet cleaner spray and lysol handy. Candles are your best friend.
    He is adorable in that picture!

  • Ms. Megan

    Teddy is so cute!!! I just adore that photo of him!! xo

  • Kay

    Hee hee love your post! I could have written that myself 2 and a bit years ago but don’t worry it does get better (about when they hit the 2 year mark!)

    Old/dark clothes are the best. You will never ever wear a cream cardigan again on a dog walk. Even if your dog learns to stop jumping/clambering over you – another dog won’t have! Or like me the time I wore ‘good’ clothes out because it was a hot day with no mud in sight but my little darling found a stagnant pond, arrrrghhh I had to shampoo her FOUR times. She was rancid :(

    Top tips, don’t buy the fancy-scmancy poo bags, get the scented baby nappy sacks, you will save a fortune over the life of your dog.

    Also when you take your pup out on a HUGE long walk thinking they will be tired out and you get home and they are racing around like a toddler on e numbers, remember they are just like children they get overstimulated. Try putting Ted in his crate/quiet place, you will be amazed how he goes out like a light.

    Oh and enjoy the puppy times (even the not so good bits), it goes so quickly. Can’t believe my little beastie is nearly 3!! Time flies :(

  • Charlotte

    When my dog was a puppy, he laddered every pair of tights I own (so err, top top, never wear tights) and did a poo on the doormat on one of his demon days. He got a stomach infection from eating something he shouldn’t have out on a walk too, and vommed everywhere. I’ve never been able to eat butterscotch Angel Delight since. That said, I miss him being a puppy so much, and him generally, as it’s basically the cutest, loveliest time overall. Now I think I understand why people keep having children haha. My top tip is take thousands of photos, I thought I had but actually there is not very many at all, and it makes me sad ’cause I miss that dog bigtime xx

  • Maisy

    That photo is definitely one of the cutest things I have ever seen! I have dedicated dog walking clothes and even they get destroyed by muddy walks! Look forward to dog dreams too, they are hilarious, my dog sleep barks! My dog is 6 now, but she still acts like a pup xx

  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    Gorgeous photo :-) xx

  • Laura Liberty

    That pic is so cute, those eyes make me melt!

  • aly7

    Aw Teddy’s so cute! And YES, those demon days are not good!


  • Becky

    He’s adorable! Just enjoy it, the time goes so fast!!

    Another thing, as a puppy it may not be the best idea to put his presents under the tree, even toys. Somehow my dog sniffed out exactly which ones were his and opened them all himself before xmas!!

  • abi kempen

    such a cute puppy!
    agree about the knitt wear and I neeed to get some wellies and dog proof clothes for walkies , check out my dog post might like it of my dog, xoxox

  • nicola-87

    Your blog posts always make me smile. Teddy is super cute. I remember those “demon day” with my Golden Retriever. (He’s a “teenager” now and still likes to push the boundaries every now and then!) But with Teddy’s adorable face, who could fail to forgive a little bit of puppy naughtiness? x

  • Danielle

    The cutest puppy ever! I love him. Great post.

  • Lou Duffy

    My least favourite thing about walking my pup is when I get half way through the walk and realise I’ve forgotten poo bags! Worst. Feeling. Ever!!

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