The laptop dog

so it turns out that this puppy of ours is not so much a lapdog, as a ‘laptop‘ dog. he is obsessed with my macbook, and would (given half a chance) spend hours licking the screen, biting hard on its corners, and standing right on top of the keyboard.┬áhe even managed to scroll down a webpage the other day using his paw and tongue. impressive, i guess…
i’ll be honest, having a puppy who’s determined to mount your laptop makes blogging something of a challenge. perhaps he’s just determined to write his own diary entries, instead of having some silly imposter do it? ;)
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  • Rachel Heslop

    how are you finding having a pup Rosie? We’re considering getting one. I know the pros will outweigh the cons but I’m still nervous :) xx

    • RosieB

      it’s definitely really hard work, and is pretty much like having a baby! you’re constantly distracted by them, have interrupted sleep, and are dealing with poop all day long! ;) it’s getting easier and easier as he gets older though, although at the moment he’s bored because he’s got too much energy for our little house and garden and is desperate to go and explore the big wide world! i think you could absolutely do it lovely, it’s hard work but so rewarding :)

      what kind of pup have you been considering getting? :) x

  • Emily Mcmullen

    Teddy needs to do his own post :D

  • Lottie Simm

    maybe he just wants his own blog. he has thoughts and feelings he needs to get out there :)

  • Dana

    Maybe he is gifted and can secretly use computers ?!

  • aly7

    Aw my kitten does the same thing! She chews on the corner of my laptop all the time!

  • Iona Bellingham-Baird

    Your puppy is adorable :) makes me even more sad that I’m not allowed one!! :(
    Iona x

  • jenniemarie

    My dog is oddly fascinated with my computer too! Whenever the screen goes idle, I can see her nose smudges all over. What weirdo dogs.

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