Photos of the past week (or so)…


1/2: road trip snacks, and feeling excited to get on our way!
3/4: ready for our monster journey home, and giving grace some puppy love.
5/6: a snoozing pup, and the flowers he proudly ‘picked’ from our garden!
7/8: loving being in our pyjamas at midday, and teddy in his smart new collar.
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  • Charlotte

    I love that bottom picture of you two. When I saw it on instagram I said to Luke ‘why don’t we have any photos like that?’ haha xx

  • Charlotte

    I think I have about five photos of Michael and I together and we’ve been going out for best part of three years haha- I feel you there namesake above me!

    Loving all your puppy photos, he’s just the cutest little thing. I want one :( xx

  • Nanna Emma

    You and Jason look so good together!
    Sounds and looks like your life is pretty cosy and lovely x

  • Julie Ly

    Your puppy is soooo cute. :)


  • Rosie

    Your puppy is absolutely gorgeous, you must be so excited to take him out for walks when he’s had his jabs! We used to carry our puppy around the neighbourhood in our arms the first few weeks just to get him used to the new sounds and smells before his first walk. It’s such an exciting time (I sound like I’m talking about babies now!) xo

  • Jo

    SO now I’m craving haribo and snuggly warm cardies like you have on. (: Great. I have none! Your puppy is adorable, I never used to love dogs but now I can’t resist going all gooey eyed over them! xx

  • Helen

    Teddy is just so adorable! You look like such proud parents :-)

  • WonderfulYou

    Love your face x

  • kate louise.

    Oooh adorable poochie! <3 Your blog is fast becoming one of my all time faves! xoxo

  • Pink Hibiscus

    Ooh, every picture I see of Teddy makes me want another puppy to add to the madhouse!


  • Katie Frank
  • Lottie Simm

    could teddy be anymore adorable? i don’t think so :)

  • Sallytangle

    LOVE the pic of little puppy flat out on his little tummy!!! So sweet xxxxx

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