My first Halloween.

image: found via pinterest
tell me, what do you all have planned for the spookiest night of the year? :) my ma has always had an irrational hatred of halloween and so i’ve never really celebrated it, but i’m really coming round to the idea of squeezing another ‘holiday’ in during the excited run up to christmas!
 i’d love to hear any suggestions of how to make my first proper halloween a good’un? i’m thinking maybe an evening of butternut squash soup, homemade popcorn, and a spooky film? i’d quite like to rewatch the woman in black! i didn’t really get to appreciate it the first time because i had my hands over my eyes and was squealing with terror! ;) 
p.s. the world’s cutest halloween costumes. the harry potter one makes me die! 
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  • Tereza

    Bahahahaaaa I LOVE the kitten! This makes me think I NEED to dress my little Cookie up like a vampire muhahahaha x

  • Emily Mcmullen

    Or you could try making some pumpkin soup. its yummy!

  • Charlotte

    The theatre and book version of the Woman in Black are a million times scarier than the film! I definitely reccommend both. Your Halloween plans sound fun! And that cat is probably the cutest thing around. xx

  • Paperbacks and Postcards

    The Woman in Black is so scary isn’t it? Have you read the book? It’s terrifying! x

    • RosieB

      i read the book when i was in school, and was absolutely terrified by it! it’s brilliant! the play is fantastic too, i highly recommend it! it may have given me nightmares though ;)

  • Laura

    how cute is that kitten?! i’ve been inspired, i’m so ressing my guys up for halloween; bruce is ginger so i’m thinking pumpkin and willow has quite a dark looking evil face, so i think dracula would suit her to a T.
    haha, you’ve got me all excited for halloween now.
    i’m definitely going to be doing a pumpkin!
    Laura xx

  • Charlotte

    I usually just watch scary movies :)

  • Nora
  • Becca

    I’m a bit with your mum on this, I don’t really get Halloween, but a scary movie and a popcorn sounds a winner. I really want to try some spooky bakes – Pinterest is great for that. Maybe some pumpkin carving, a little contest? Definitely a costume for Teddy. Those costumes are really cute, I love the little Tintin! xxxx

  • Maddy

    That kitten is adorable, I don’t really get the hype over halloween, we’ve never participated and round me it just seems to be an excuse for the teenagers to trash the place but seeing that kitten and all the little kids costumes do melt my heart a bit!

  • Ember Drake

    I definitely want to carve a pumpkin this year and also bake some spooky cookies (iced ghost shortbreads most likely!). I also love rewatching ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ at Halloween, as I’m too chicken to watch anything really scary! :-)


  • Life As Anne

    It’s to bad we don’t really celebrate Halloween in The Netherlands, but i do like to carve pumpkins. Really fun to do with some friends.

    xx Anne

    Would really appreciate it if some of you check out my blog, i just started it.

  • Ms. Megan

    That photos is just SOOO cute!!
    October 31st will be spent cooking + eating pumpkin bread and watching a film or two. (Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family or perhaps Vertigo!) :)

  • Melanie Jane

    Awww, that is literally the cutest little photo ever! Bless him.
    I haven’t really got any plans for Hallowe’en other than making sure I’m out of the house, we always get so many annoying trick-or-treaters coming around! Ha. It is nice to get into the spirit of things though and your plan sounds like a good one! Why not carve a pumpkin and do a soup with that instead?
    Mel x

  • Katie Frank

    aw i also can’t wait for halloween :)

  • Dilan Dilir

    such a pretty photo :D

  • aly7

    I love halloween, I can’t wait for it! I would recommend dressing up in a fun costume, it makes things a billion times more funny!

  • Sophie – CGDN

    I’m follower #500 wahoo!
    I was never allowed to celebrate Halloween either, boo :(

  • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Emily

    I’m so excited to dress up this halloween! I’m planning on getting fake blood off of ebay and everything :) … even though I don’t have anywhere to go yet, and will probably end up watching ‘Scary Movie’ (yes, the comedy) with some friends… thats about as scary as I can handle, paha. Pumpkin carving is a must though!x

  • Maisy

    that cat is adorable – and I am not always a cat lover so thats saying something! Halloween was always a lot of fun when I was a kid, apple dunking was a personal fave. This year I think I might have an alternative halloween because I don’t like horror films, I was thinking of watching casper or BFG hehe x

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