Morning ritual…


this past week, teddy’s been making sure that we’re awake to welcome in each new day at the most ungodly hours ;) the only thing that’s made my chilly 6am starts more bearable (apart from the bouncy puppy greetings of course) has been drinking delicious mugfuls of hot chocolate.
i’d always viewed hot chocolate as an afternoon treat, or a drink to be had in the evening when no other forms of pudding can be found! drinking it in the morning feels so indulgent, and i think it’s such a lovely way to start a wintery morning :)
p.s. i can’t recommend highly enough adding a splash of your favourite syrup to the milk whilst it’s heating. gingerbread is always my choice- so delicious :)
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  • Charlotte

    I like peppermint syrup :) might have to try gingerbread though, sounds lovely. Have you ever had just hot milk with gingerbread syrup? I used to drink it on cold days when i worked in a cocktail bar, it was so lovely and so easy to chuck together in 2 minutes x

    • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

      I agee – peppermint syrup and squity cream! Oh god, my mouth is watering … xx

  • Cats Got Culture | film | tv | books | lifestyle | food | more

    It’s all baout caramel syrup for me! Problem is, hot chocolate makes me *really* sleepy, so tea tends to be my morning treat.

    • Cats Got Culture | film | tv | books | lifestyle | food | more

      oops, about!

    • RosieB

      why have i never thought to add caramel syrup! definitely picking a bottle up next time i’m in starbucks! :)

  • Lupus Heartbeat

    I can’t start a day without hot cocoa! It gets me going, si I understand the hot chocolate thing!:) xx

  • Becca

    You’re blowing my mind with your hot chocolate in the morning! I might try it on the weekend when I’ve got more time. Spooky as I just went to get one at work, fate works in myseteriously chocolatey ways xxx

  • Life As Anne

    I loove hot chocolate, any time of the day!

  • Ms. Megan

    Yummm!! Starting off the day with hot chocolate sounds divine!! I always start off the day with tea, but since the weather is due to turn rainy this week, perhaps mugs of hot coca is needed!! :)

  • Le Fresne

    Sounds heavenly!
    Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day because it’s peaceful, with ample time to read & listen to the radio, so I should really make it more indulgent with hot chocolate.

    le fresne x

  • Jacquina Lee

    Where do you get your syrup from? I’ve been looking for a cinnamon one for forever but I can’t find one that’s reasonably priced. I am SO obsessed with cinnamon, it’s a real problem! haha

    Jacquina @

    • RosieB

      my gingerbread syrup actually came from canada- jason’s sister knows i love it and so sent over a huge two litre bottle for me last winter! she’s too good to me ;) i don’t know how you’d get hold of it over here- maybe have a hunt around gourmet food shops, or see if there’s a recipe for diy gbread syrup online? :) i’m with you on the cinnamon obsession. it’s so good! x

  • Lottie Simm

    i need to get some gingerbread syrup–i literally think i could have it in everything.

  • Jessica Glenn

    awwh that photo is so cute and wintery!

  • Sallytangle

    Such a pretty photo! I love syrups in my hot choc…or if i am feeling a little indulgent, a splash of brandy (extra special if you make your hot choc with chunksv Green and Blacks Maya gold choc) I realise this alot of fuss and way to much alcohol for breakfast lol….but that is my ‘treat’ hot choc!

    Other than that i too have dabbled in warm frothy milk with syrups in, i love love love hazelenut. U can even get it in starbucks, perfect with cinnamon on top.

    This was prob faaar to much info for such a little post haha xxxxx

  • Helen

    You look so cosy in that photo :-)

    I never think to have a morning hot chocolate, what a lovely idea!

  • Perla Sanchez

    You look so cozy! Hot chocolate sounds good right now :)

  • aly7

    So cozy! Hot chocolate sounds amazing! Need to go make some ;)

  • Vicki Higham

    Gingerbread syrup always reminds me of Christmas! It’s just the most festive taste!

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