Lovely links #5


i hope you all are having a lovely week? :) it really feels like the weather has turned now, doesn’t it!
 last night i went to see my sister in her autumn concert, and she looked so grown up and happy :) i felt very proud of her. the next few days are going to be all about tidying and cleaning the house (i’ve been trying to fight against a constant tide of mess ever since we got teddy!) and beginning to plan for christmas! here are a few links to loveliness i’ve stumbled upon in the last week or so…

how unique are these candles? i’m in love! thank you miss charlotte for introducing me to them!

the prettiest and most festive tattoo!

another lovely chutney recipe :)

your complete old school christmas playlist! i’m going to be downloading everything on this sharpish ;)

these gorgeous photos make me want to take off for a weekend in the countryside immediately

this hat is at the top of my wishlist! fleece lined, and perfect for chilly dog walks!

super interesting: one woman’s year-long experiment.

the prettiest pyjamas

family members: if anyone’s wondering what i would like for christmas, look no further! ;)

life’s little instructions. i especially like the instruction to ‘learn three clean jokes’!

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  • Emily Mcmullen

    ooh that candle looks gorgeous :)

  • LouLou in Paris

    Life’s little instructions, I loved them! 2 resonated with me on my first read. “Drink champagne for no reason at all” and “Take responsibility for every area of your life”. Thanks for sharing all these lovely links Rosie! That SuperDry hat looks super comfy :)

  • Ms. Megan

    That candle sounds divine + I love that Christmas playlist!! I may have to download it too!! :)

  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    I love the Christmas playlist. And the chutney recipe, obviously ;-) xx

  • parfums

    so nice blog i like it .
    Parfum pas cher

  • Katie @totallytates

    I love the candle. very Christmassy! xx


  • missmeliaa

    The tattoo is so cute! The Life’s Instructions list is great

  • aly7

    The tattoo is so cute! And I looooove candles!

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