on sunday, my ma, sister, jason and i began the hard and painful task of sorting through, and clearing my grandma’s cottage. she’d lived there for almost fifteen years and, as a child of the ‘make do and mend’ generation, you can imagine the size of the task we face! there were baskets of tupperware hanging on the back of doors, jewellery boxes that she rescued from a cull i made when i was about fourteen, and what looked like every jumper my mum ever wore whilst she was pregnant with me. 
we’re sending the vast majority of these loved and well-cared for items off to charity where we hope they’ll be snapped up and loved by someone else, but there were a few treasures that we just couldn’t let go of. i’ve been on the hunt for a pair of loafers just like these for so long, and haven’t found a pair even half as beautiful as this. and although they’re dated and not fashionable in the slightest, i thought these little etched glasses (one for each of me and my cousins) were totally and utterly charming :) 
being back at the little cottage that holds so many treasured family memories was inexpressibly difficult. it’s been six months since my grandma died, and i’d started to come to terms with the fact that she lives on only in our hearts and memories. but visiting her home and seeing the cereal boxes she’d cut up to use as notecards, her endless stash of incense sticks, and the little cream and navy coat so iconically ‘grandma’ it’s hard to believe she won’t appear inside it any second made her physical absense seem screamingly, unbearably real again. 
so we’ll wear her shoes, scent our homes with her incense sticks, drink from her glasses and hang her beautiful coat safely in a wardrobe- and hope that these treasures bring the much loved and greatly missed physical presence of my wonderful grandma close again. 
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  • Charlotte

    Oh I’d hate to do this, but in a way I bet it was nice to feel close to her again? x

  • Brookies

    I read this and didn’t cry – I smiled at your ability to express the beauty and emotion in the everyday things. xxx

  • Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat

    Always a sad time when an Elder leaves our lives. It’s a combination of loss, and of feeling our own mortality. It made me smile to think that your Grandmother kept incense sticks. Mine was from an altogether older era where she would have eyed those kind of things with suspicion. It is wonderful that you knew her and that she lived long enough for you to grow up in her warmth. Having these items of hers will bring you comfort. x

  • Laura

    Beautifully written. My great-grandma died a few weeks ago, just shy of her 100th birthday. I keep her wonderful vintage radio and alarm clock close to my heart.

    I really like the loafers and the individualized glasses are so sweet!

    x Laura

  • Lottie Simm

    it is like a bitter sweet moment and must have been so difficult for you.

    but now you have little things to remind you of her everyday, not that you will need reminding, but it is nice to have physical things to remind you of all the amazing memories.

  • WonderfulYou

    Oh Rosie, some sewing and tea is definitely required. Sending you huge amounts of love xxx

  • Meaghan Mulligan

    Sending hugs your way. That must have been a hard time for all of you to go through her things.
    Love the loafers, and the glasses are sweet.

  • Jo

    This is such a lovely post Rosie. I’m sure she’ll be very happy to know that her treasured possessions will remain treasured by you and your family, and those who pick up things from charity, for many years to come. (: xx

  • Allison Taylor

    Sounds like a really bittersweet experience. I’m sure your grandma would be happy to see you wearing her shoes and giving her old stuff to charity.

  • Sallytangle

    This is such a beautifully written post.

    Thinking about you lots xxxx

  • Dana

    Your grandma sounds a lot like mine. such a sweet post

  • Second Hand Rose

    I’m so sorry you had to do this, I understand how hard this, we had to do this last year for my grandma. I got her collection of brooches and wear them as much as possible. Sending you so many cuddles, I completely understand your pain. Gorgeous and heart wrenching post full of beautiful treasures XxxX

  • Ms. Megan

    What a lovely way to keep your grandma with you always.

  • Emily

    Oh Rosie this is such a beautiful post and made me cry so much. I totally understand everything you’re feeling- my beautiful grandma died two weeks ago and I really didn’t understand grief until then, I’m grateful that I haven’t lost anybody too close to me until now, but I was so unprepared for how it would feel. My family have done a really similar thing with my grandma’s stuff- sorted through and sent most things off to the charity shop in the hope that another little lady will get some good wear out of my grandma’s monochrome wardrobe and tiny size 1 shoes, keeping the little trinkets and treasures that will remind us of her every day.
    It sounds like she will be overjoyed to know you are literally walking in her shoes, and always remembering her when you drink from those glasses. She sounds like a wonderful lady. There is definitely something extra special about grandma’s :) xxx

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