The Great British Bake Off- Episode 5

so, what did everyone think of the great british bake off last night? :)  i can’t even explain how much i adore that programme! i’m going to have serious withdrawal symptoms when it’s all over!
who was your favourite last night? i thought that key lime pie that ryan made looked so beautiful! i must admit, i was surprised he’d managed to pull it off, after all the disasters he had whilst baking it?  well done him! :) and to have mary berry say that she’d like to make it herself? what an accolade!
image: found via pinterest, originally from nesting project. and isn’t it just gorgeous? :)
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  • Hannah

    I’ve never really watched the British Bake Off but the picture of that pie is delishh….mmm!

  • Bekka

    I really enjoyed this weeks. I agree with you though, I thought Ryan had absolutely blown it.

  • The tea-drinking Book Lover

    You weren’t lying when you said you love GBBO! I am actually a little worried about how much I enjoy it. I watch it with my boyfriend and we have such fun guessing who will go, who will be the star baker, and laughing when the caramel collapses!
    I love James, who is your favourite?
    And in reply to your lovely comment: I think you’re probably right about the pestle and mortar, it wasn’t so much of a problem for me as the parmesan was really strong. Next time, though, pestle and mortar all the way!

  • Connie // Life, lately

    Could not be more obsessed with GBBO – do you follow any of them on twitter? I read-along as I watch the show and it’s brilliant. There’s games of Bakeoff Inuendo flying around, and last night saw the launch of the Bakeoff drinking game – which sounds amazing but I probs won’t be playing with my parents! In case you don’t have them start with @bakingjames, they all tweet each other a lot so you can find your faves :) I am a Brendan fan through and through, such a babe :) Cx

  • HollyS92

    GBBO is amazing! It should be on all the time haha, last night was very good, my favourite so far :) x

  • Sallytangle

    i loved it! Like you, i dont want it to end. I know, he really scraped through with that pie, i didnt expect it to turn out like that, i think everything that could go wrong, did!!!!

    I cant wait for next week. Who do you think will win?!?!xxxx

  • Lottie Simm

    i love this programme. Ryan’s pie looked amazing but i don’t think he should have got star baker. is that me being mean? i don’t know he just wasn’t very good at the other tasks.

    i am probably taking this way too seriously ;)

    and i like james and catheryn.

  • Lupus Heartbeat

    I’m hungry now… :(

  • Ana

    Hello! Just wanted to thank you again for your encouraging words, it really made me happy reading your comment! :) officially changed my blog style now which is exciting!

    & what good timing post wise, I love the Bake Off! I’m so glad Ryan got star baker, he’s so sweet! I was definitely going ‘come on Ryan, make it a really good key lime pie!’ and I’m so pleased he did haha! I like Brendan too so I hope either of the two win it :) did you see the bit at the end where John I think cuts his finger off next week?! Not looking forward to that!

  • Daisycakes

    Ryan is sooo cute! He looked so tearful when he got star baker and it was just adorable. I actually really liked Maneesha aswell, I thought she was hilarious! I have no idea what I’m going to do when it ends, i love it. Downton Abbey comes back this Sunday though assghijsoghaoheg yay! xxxx

  • Eleanor Mercer

    I Love GBBO!! Ryan’s pie was ace xx

  • Izzy Hilliard

    I am addicted to The Great British Bake Off. My friends have a great time laughing at me because I’m so addicted. I really want Cathryn to win it!

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