Photos of the past week (or two)…



1/2: cups of tea on the bridge, and colourful nails
3/4: proving dough balls, and pizza fresh from the oven
5/6: fancy steam cream packaging, and a gorgeous vanilla candle
7/8: my new favourite snack, and beautiful photographs in my recipe book
9/10: cosy toes in my new slippers, and how i wish i could eat stilton!
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  • Harri Davison

    I love the steam cream packaging, really want to try it! x

  • Niina – It seems pretty obvious.

    Great pictures! And it looks like you’ve had a pretty good week :)

  • HollyS92

    That pizza looks amazing! Great photos x

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  • Ms. Megan

    Tea on a bridge sounds delightful + I love your slippers!! xo

  • Allison Taylor

    Alright, that tea on the bridge is perfect. I think I need a large print of this haha. Where is this anyways?!

    • RosieB

      Haha, well feel free to print it if you fancy! ;) It’s actually right outside my house! Our house is on the left of this photo, just out of shot! The view and location definitely sold us the house, we love it so much :) x

  • Daisycakes

    Where are your slippers from?! They look ridiculously comfy! Xxx

  • parfum

    so beautiful. nice pizza.
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