Lovely Links #4

how’s everyone’s week coming along? :) mine’s pretty peachy so far- yesterday was super duper productive, and the days just seem to be flying by! this makes me happy, because this weekend (and the joys it will bring) just can’t come soon enough…:)
here are some links to loveliness i’ve stumbled upon in the past few days… 

these caramel cashew clusters have gone straight on my list of things to make for christmas hampers!

i love this blog post about vegetable preserving. the photography is just too beautiful.

these photos of dogs diving into a swimming pool in pursuit of a ball made me laugh so much!

thanks to those of you who gave me the link to this lovely song! i can stop searching for it now! hurray!

some of the best relationship advice i’ve ever heard.

how to do a halo braid!

i’d like this fluffy jumper in every colour, please :)

an interview with simon cowell. he sounds pretty awesome!

the path to success.

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  • Lupus Heartbeat

    Your blog always makes me smile :) xx

  • Laura

    I just found your blog yesterday and I must say I loved it instantly.

    Lovely links indeed. I’ve seen the photographs of diving dogs before but it always brings back a big smile on my face. The song is awesome – it went straight to my Spotify morning playlist.

    Thanks for sharing!

    x Laura

  • Holly Stewart

    Mmm they look very yummy! Great links :) x

  • Rachel Heslop

    The caramel cashew things look divine. Defo be trying those this weekend :) xx

  • Rakel

    Hi!Great post!

    I´m your newest follower ;)

    Would you like to follow me back!?


  • WonderfulYou

    Those fluffy jumpers need to be mine. NOW.


  • aly7

    Haha, I have to go read the Simon article now! :)

  • Katie Frank

    mmmmmmmmm what delicious post <3

  • Dania

    holy cow. those caramel cashews look extremely delicious…

    *havin a betsey johnson giveaway!

  • A Lauren to Herself

    Love these kind of posts, off to check out the links now xx

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