How to make a movie…

i like this cartoon a lot, it made me laugh :) i’m not a great fan of watching movies, i haven’t really got the concentration span for it and tend to get bored halfway through. when a trailer for ‘looper’ came on the other day i said to jase ‘ooh that looks good’, and with barely a glance towards the television jason replied ‘you won’t understand it.’ rude, but he’s probably right…;)
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  • Laura

    ha! what a fun little cartoon. joseph gordon-levitt is a brilliant actor, i’m definitely gonna watch looper. maybe i can give you the quick facts later on. ;) or what about short films?

    x laura

  • Huda

    lol That’s really fun and cute :)

  • Ms. Megan

    bahaha! Love this cartoon!!! Have a great weekend!! xo

  • Melanie Jane

    Ha, that’s so funny about you and films as I am basically exactly the same! I either start daydreaming right at the beginning so then I don’t know what’s going on and give up, or I get bored halfway through, and if it’s neither of those two then it’s because I’ve fallen asleep! Ha.
    Mel x

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