An amazing discovery?


last night i made a discovery, and solved a problem that’s been driving me nuts for ages! just to warn you, it’s a totally insignificant ‘first world’ problem- i’ve (unfortunately) not found a cure to the common cold or anything. although be the way i shouted about it to jason, you might have thought that was the case! this is probably totally lame and most people reading this will be like ‘duh, didn’t you know?!’ but right now i feel like a total (accidental) genius ;)

you know how sometimes cheapo candles burn unevenly? the ones that burn right down to the bottom but only use up half of the wax, and no amount of wick-angling or wax smooshing will get the little mountain of wax building up on one side to burn? well…when you next have something bubbling away in a saucepan on the hob, place said dodgy candle between the gas rings with the built up waxy side closest to the lit ring. the flame from the hob ring will melt down the wax, leaving you with a perfectly smooth candle again! tah daaaaaaaah!

i’ve not felt this proud of myself since i passed my maths gcse! ;)

happy weekend, everyone!

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  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    This is one of those times where I think ‘that’s so obvious. Why on earth didn’t I think of that??’

    Can’t chat now, off to remould all my candles xx

  • Laura

    oooh look at you little miss brainbox!
    i’m definitely doing this! its such a great idea.
    hope you’re well, laura xx

  • harriet gray

    ahh that always bugs me! … i have an electric hob though, wonder if it would work? hmmmm!
    also, did you know when you finish using a candle in a glass (like the one in your blog photo) if you put it in the freezer for a couple of days the last bit of wax will pop out leaving you with a glass holder you can re-use again and again! :)

  • Lupus Heartbeat

    Okay I’ve got a couple of candles hanging around… Off to remould them! xx

  • Charlotte

    this is brilliant haha, how did you even ‘accidentally’ stumble across that? I was very proud when I passed my maths gcse too! x

  • AVY

    Brilliance is often simple!


  • Eleanor

    omg so smart!!! haha definitely trying this out! :)

  • Tabitha

    I also did not know these! However did you discover it?! I’ll give it a go, but not sure it’ll work as well with an electric hob :(

    Lovely photo too x

  • aly7

    How didn’t I think of that?! Haha ;)

  • Daisycakes

    How did I never think of this before hahaha?! I dread to think how many candles I gave up on out of frustration and wasted!xxx

  • Ellie

    This is so helpful, Rosie! Thank you for sharing, I’ll definitely be trying this out :)
    I hope you’re having a lovely weekend :) xxx

  • WonderfulYou

    Oh Rosie I just love you x

  • Sallytangle

    Bless you this post has made my day!!!! i love your crazy blog.

    Do you know whats an extra benefit…?!? If you do it in a shallow pan of water and stand candle in but make sure water doesnt get in(as in not just while your cooking or using hob), it makes the room smell lovely too!!! :) xxxxx

  • Lottie Simm

    this is so clever–i have lots od dogy candles to do this too and i might have burnt my left over christmas candles–the smell made me so happy…i thought you would understand :)

  • Jo

    I love this little tip (: it reminds me more than anything, that I need to burn some more nice candles. xx

  • Rosie

    I always end up throwing the half-burny candles away so I’m pleased I have a way to keep them going now, though I think I’d have to approach this with caution as I’m a little accident prone – oven mitts may be needed! X

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