This is Magic.

02.08’t j.k.rowling just the cleverest?! i’m so glad to have been born into the ‘harry potter generation’! 
image found via pinterest, originally from harry potter tumblr
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  • Charlotte

    1998 seems like such a long time ago.. I love JK x

  • Hazel

    You have no idea how happy I am to have grown up as the Harry Potter generation!

  • Amy

    Wow that is crazy!

    I adore Harry Potter, I’m so pleased to have been a child when it first came out :D

    Amy xx

  • Lizzie Beadon

    I’m going to force feed my kids Harry Potter :)

  • Syed Zeeshan Ali

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  • Nanna Emma

    Same here same here!
    That woman brought magic into my life and will forever influence my point of view!

    She’s very smart that one x

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