The Great British Bake Off

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did anyone else get super overexcited about the start of series three of ‘the great british bake off’ last night? it’s one of my favourite programmes (isn’t mary berry just marvellous?) and i like that it’s reality t.v for those of us more interested in puff pastry and buttercream, than ‘big brother’-esque scandalous hot tub shenanigans. i think my favourite contestants so far are victoria (i warmed to her as soon as she exclaimed ‘oh golly’!) and james with his awesome glasses and lovely scottish accent. i’m really excited to watch this series and to get lots of inspiration for my own baking :) 
tell me, what did you think of last night’s episode? are you a fan of ‘the great british bake off’?

p.s. for cakes and bakes as stunningly pretty as the one above, take a little wander over to sprinkle bakes. heather’s baking is about as incredible as it gets- i’m so in awe of her creations!
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  • The Beauty Mix

    I love this programme. So glad there’s a new series. I don’t have a favourite at the minute, I normally really like the one that’s a bit geeky and usually gets sent home first! The cake that looked like a pie was amazing!! X

    • RosieB

      the pie cake was so incredible! i didn’t know how it would turn out when she described it, but it was amazing :)

  • Sophie

    Yesss! I love her! I don’t know if you’re interested but there is a cake and bake show this year and they are both going to be there as well as old bake off cooks! I really want to go!

    Here’s the link –

    And here’s my blog –


  • Becka

    I loved the union jack cake and the one with the muffin inside I’m very tempted to have a go at them myself but I know they won’t turn out so great haa! (:

  • Tilly

    Awww man i missed it :( too many nights at the pub make for bad tv watching! I do have a confession though- i absolutely can NOT stand Mary Berry >_< haha I find her incredibly stuck in her ways O_O i dont know man I just never warmed to her! Also i made a batch of her cookies once and they were just awful. I shall have to catch up on iplayer when i have a free minute :D Love your blog as always! Your blog puts my lousy attempts at internerding to shame! xoxoxo

  • Connie // Life, lately

    I squealed when I realised it was last night – there’s something beautiful about watching people bake cakes (feels naughty without the guilt of having actually eaten them!) And Mel and Sue are HILARIOUS, I want them to be my friends. (Does anyone remember Smack the Pony on Channel 4? I swear they were in that?!) Cx

  • Becca

    I absolutely loved it, those hidden design cakes blew me away, I just couldn’t get my head aounr how they were going to achieve it, the precision of the union jack one amazed me. I love Paul Hollywood, he’s such a stud xxx

  • Temporary:Secretary

    I was really excited about it too – I love it and really wanted to make rum babas and rainbow cake afterwards! x

  • Lottie

    i love this programme so much, it just makes me happy.

    and some of the cakes were amazing! i wish my cakes were that good :)

  • Rachel Heslop

    I missed the episode, but I am a fan of this programme. As a rule, if it’s about cake, I’m going to be a fan of it :)

  • Islay

    thankyou for sending me your link! I LOVE GBBO too! My favourite is the young woman with the ginger hair, she seems so sweet!

    new follower!

  • Jayne Becca

    I do love that show! I hadn’t realised it had started again though — I shall watch it on catch up! x

  • Miss V & Miss D

    I need to catch up with it too! Always inspires me to get baking! ( or just go to Sainsburys and buy a cake!)

    Miss V x

  • Meg

    I adore that show! I cried at the final last year hahaa lovely blog (I came over from twitter), following :) xxx

  • Liv Lundelius

    I don’t watch TV! But this bake-off sounds fun.

  • Laura Liberty

    I love it, I was hooked last year and it gave us so many new baking ideas. I don’t think I’ll be able to settle for cake without a hidden picture anymore!

  • Sweetaholic Rachel

    I’m so glad this is back on tv, finally something decent to watch. I quite like the vicar’s wife (can’t remember her name) and the young lads are quite good too, good ideas!

  • Daisycakes

    Oh my god I was on holiday when it started! I am catching up RIGHT now. Aasdcfghj mary berry is just a gem xxx

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