Self medicating.

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jason and i had an absolute stinker of a day yesterday. the absolute worst. an important part of the project jase has been working on has fallen through, and although he’s already picked himself up, dusted off and started to find a different path, it’s a bit of a blow. we’ve pulled together though, and i’m so proud of the tenacity of my man.
to cheer ourselves up, we’ve been listening to this hilarious interview with two sisters who decided to play hairdresser :) their accents are just about the cutest things ever, and every single thing they say is laugh out loud funny!
i hope it brightens up your day as much as it brightened ours! :D
p.s. i found this interview via the wonderful naomi of the rockstar diaries, and am very glad i did :)
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  • Ms George

    How much do you love the rockstar diaries? they are adorable. I’m a bit of a Mormon blogger addict- other daily reads being the daybook and nat the fat rat. you too?

    • Charlotte

      I’m glad it’s not just me haha!

    • RosieB

      oh my gosh how have i never found nat the fat rat before?! her blog is amazing! thanks so much for introducing it to me! :) and yup rockstar diaries is incredible! i love it so so much! x

    • Lottie

      love all those blogs too they just make me so happy :)

      and i hope your day gets better.

  • happyrebekah?

    hope everything turns out alright for jason!
    it’s always nice to find videos which can cheer you up instantly, i normally go for talking animals… haha!

  • olivia grace

    Hope everything has worked out for you guys lovely xx

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