Pinspired, pinspiration, pinteresting…

i’d just like to take a minute to declare undying love for pinterest. where else can you find images of elegant fashionistas and exquisite jewellery right alongside a picture of a kitten hugging its mama, and a tutorial for making cake in a mason jar? i think it’s just marvellous!
i’ve been using pinterest lots recently to gather together inspiration for my autumn winter wardrobe, and just stumbled across this beautiful outfit! :) it looks a little lightweight for cold wintery english weather, but i love the combination of navy and yellow gold and am definitely going to try to work these lovely colours into my new season wardrobe.
p.s. you can find my winter style inspiration board here, if you’d like to take a little look :)
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  • Aveen

    I have yet to get into Pinterest! I must try and figure it out as it is a really good idea to look for outfit inspiration for autumn. I am struggling picking an outfit for my 1st day back at college! xxx

  • Sallytangle

    Hellooo, i have just found your beautiful lovely little blog through Charlottes Web and i love it!!! So sweet and lovely xxxxxx

  • Kerry

    I love Pinterest, such a good site for inspiration and random diy tutorials!

  • his little lady

    i love this combination of yellow and navy. perfect!
    and oh how i love pinterest!!
    xo TJ

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