Photos of the past week (or two!)…


1/2: my favourite smoothie drink, and the happy place that is waitrose pastry counter.
3/4: new favourite colour, and chic soap my ma bought during her last trip to italy.
5/6: country life- mini wellies and big wellies, and a teeny frog.
7/8: i love this laughing man, and am so happy to have reached this mini milestone!
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  • Charlotte

    I know people say it’s not all about the followers, but reaching those milestones feels so good :) x

  • Lottie

    congratulations on reaching your milestone :) maybe one day i will reach such a milestone, maybe.

    and i love wellies. i bought myself a new pair but every since i bought them it has been blazing sunshine…hopefully i will get to wear them soon.

  • aly7

    I love these pictures :) Congrats on 200!

  • Anonymous

    Is the frog the little frog in our garden?! (Must show Tuesday if so…)

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